Tuesday, January 01, 2008

St. Louis with my TRev teamies

There was a meeting, bit of friendly racin' plus feats of strength and silliness. Too much to really even talk about, but suffice it to say I AM AMP'D to get racing with these gals: Bri, Carrie, Katie, Pam, Kendi, Jessica, Chris, Teresa, Jamie and Allison.... We are gonna have us some fun. (Thanks, Jessica, for takin the pix)

And ... take a couple of minutes to enjoy a 'revolution'ary tune.


Chris said...

Best of luck in 2008 Syd.

sydney_b said...

BTW, got Austin on the schedule for those AT&T crits.

Chris said...

Awesome! Obviously I will be doing that race as well. Let me know your travel plans when you know them. We can get together for a ride or meet for lunch or whatever. The course is 1km rectangle with a small grade up in the first turn. Pretty simple actually, but a great venue with lots of crowd noise. Jen McRae and the usual suspects cleaned up the field last year. I am glad to see they will have some solid competition this year.

oldmanandhisbike said...

You really like to arm wrestle, don't you (Lumberjack Champ)! :^)
Good luck with the new team.
Hope you can get back up here and race in 2008.

sydney_b said...

Twice does not a crazy mad arm wrestler make. :) Just having a good time doing stuff we don't usually do.