Monday, January 21, 2008

Rock Racing has a Nebraska Connection

OK. Let the record show that I'm pleased as punch Rock Racing has stepped up and turned on the attitude. Methinks it's going to make for good entertainment, which speaking of... why wait?

A blog reader sent me this....

However, when it comes to celebrity, any press is good press, right? Or, something like that. :D

OH AND GET THIS.... Speaking of celebrity .. Nebraska has a connection with Rock Racing... Those rumors you may have heard... Well, believe 'em. Our very own Sean Weide is on board for PR and that's pretty cool. Last year Toyota United, this - Rock Racing. Congrats Sean!

I should also mention Sean will be leading the Officials portion of the Promoters/Officials Clinic on February 2 sponsored by the Nebraska Cycling Association. Get the details from Nebraska Cycling News.


Neve_r_est said...

Rock racing...good for cycling, like Brittany Spears is good for TV right? I suppose. The quickest way to make money has always been to enable people's vices.

Not that pro cycling can be damaged much more in the general publics eyes as it is, though more publicity on the issue might do it.


sydney_b said...

No, I disagree. I think the more light shining on the problem, the better. Moreover, when there's negative talk, there's usually also mention of the teams aiming to race clean like Slipstream, CSC and so forth.

Shim said...

I have to go with Syd on this one, why do we all feel that cyclist need to be held to some higher standard then other athletes. We all talk about wanting to grow the sport, but the best way to do that is to attract non-cyclist.We need someone to cheer against as much as to cheer for. If you look at the NBA (as an example) you have really good players on both sides, but whose name is known in more households, Steve Nash or Dennis Rodman? Now Nash is probably a way better player, but people love to hate Rodman (yes he's retired now), and are more likely to tune in to root against him than to watch Nash quietly rack up another triple double. So if Rock Racing attracts additional fans to cycling who tune in to root against them where is the harm?