Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Punching lesson

Nick: [repeatedly poking his mother in the ribs] Watcha doin? Watcha doin? Watcha doin? Watcha doin?
Mom: [lets loose a punch] STOP IT! I HATE THAT!
Nick: [laughing] Is that all the harder you can hit?!
Mom: [standing] No. Of course not.
Nick: [taking boxer stance] You've seen Fight Club, right? I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
Mom: Really? Are you going to hit me back?
Nick: No. I can take a punch.
Mom: OK. [draws her fist back and lets it fly]
Nick: That's pretty good. Was that your hardest?
Mom: No. I can hit harder.
Nick: [Takes stance and pats bicep target]
Mom: [Let's it fly]
Nick: That's Ok. [begins demonstrating] But, you should do this with your fist and step like that and so forth.
Mom: Oh. Ok.
Nick: Try again.
Mom: [Lets it fly. A loud "POP" is heard]
Nick: [Takes a rub at his arm] Didja hear that? Much better.
Mom: I think I got it now. Can I try again?
Nick: Nope. I'm done. [Returns to sofa]

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WARNING: Rough language ahead


Chris said...

My dad would want to have a punching contest when I was a kid. The idea was that you would punch each other in the arm until it hurt too much and one of us quit. Most of the times he would insist on going first and blast me hard and then immediately quit. I was such a sucker.

sydney_b said...

Yeah, or the old "Let's see who can hit the softest" game. Fell for that a time or two.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I love the "who can hit the softest"! Kids fall for that every time.
Not to be confused with the polish version (I'm polish, so its okay!) of "Hit my Hand". That is where you place it on the side of a tree and ask the other person to hit it as hard as they can.
Usually results in some deep bruising and knuckle cuts for any person who falls for that! :^)

Adrian_O said...

My younger brother and I used to punch each others knuckles as hard as we could and see who would last the longest. Yep - after about 2-3 minutes of that we were both with our hands in the freezer. We felt like...MEN! GRRR!

bluecolnago said...

he does realize that if you really wanted to, or needed to, you'd whip his butt, right? :)

Sweet Cheeks said...

A funny story and a clip from one of my favorite films? Why has it taken me so long to stop by?