Thursday, January 17, 2008

I knew the day was coming

So my oldest son, who proudly specializes in annoyance, comes into the kitchen, stands real close, pulls his shoulders back, puffs out his chest, looks down his nose and with a glint in his eye says, "You are so short."

Grinning, he adds, "I'm just not intimidated by you at all anymore," in a tone of voice suggesting it was ludicrous to ever have been cowed.

Well, boy, I should think not being as you've got me by 5 inches and 50 pounds. That being said, guess who has the car keys and such arcane knowledge as food making and the navigation of bureaucratic institutions? Uh huh. C'est moi. You may be large, but your days of sucking up have only begun.


sda said...

Yes. Knowledge is power. And the car keys don't hurt either.


Re: the comment about skiing on my blog - the backcountry skiing is actually incredible off season training for cycling. One of my cohorts, Dwight, is an animal masters racer. Pulled off the "w" in the 35+ at Joe Martin last year. I think it has something to do with hiking up all those hills (~4k feet of climbing in a typical day) with a 20 lb pack and a combined total of 8-10 lbs worth of ski and boot on each foot. All the more difficult if your breaking trail through a foot of new fluff, at altitude. And you'd be surprised how winded one gets telemarking down a steep slope. Think alternating deep knee bends (with that pack still on) one after the other all the way down. I think its no wonder that I always feel in much better shape in the spring than at the end of a summer of riding these days.

And as a bonus it sure makes being outside for any length of time when the temp. is below 25 bearable, which is damn near impossible on the bicycle. One of the biggest battles is dressing correctly so you don't over cook it.

sorel top said...

"Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skil." Fausto Coppi

monkeygirl said...

you should have jerked at him just to make him jump, Emory and I play that game. We will not go into who wins it. Amen sorel top.

Neve_r_est said...

Don't bite the hand that feeds you kid, you never know when they'll poison your food.

Or you could find embrocationin your bath soap.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Both of my youngest kids are taller than I am and when they mention it, my standard response is "But I KNOW I can still take you".
Basically, a challenge and one they have yet been willing to follow through on.
Thank god, because I know my oldest son could kick my ass!

bluecolnago said...