Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad Boys

Despite my efforts to avoid blogs and all that in order to get some work done, I keep running into bruhaha about Rock Racing ("Don’t expect just ordinary kits—not when Michael Ball is sponsoring you! The kits have a different color and design elements for each race adding both style and sex appeal to the sport".)

As it happens one of my favorite bloggers, Bike Snob NYC, doesn't seem to be a fan - though, should you read these, beware the nose spurt effect. Coffee + keyboards = :(

Bike Snob NYC: The Purloined Letter: Ball to Hed

Bike Snob NYC: Hiding in Plain Sight: Why Cycling Is The Word's ...

Me, I'm glad they're on the scene. I mean, really, what would Dudley Do-Right be without Snidely Whiplash? A dose of pro-wrestling, tattoos, MMA mentality might actually help stimulate interest in this sport of ours - and that would be a good thing.


Marc said...

The picture tells the story, don't it?

Marc said...

oldmanandhisbike said...

That was damn funny. Thanks for the heads up on coffee drinking and reading!
And yes, we do sometimes have to accept the bad boyz even if they are in it more for the publicity than the love of sport.
But lets just hope it does go too far and start looking like the XFL of cycling ("Ahhhhhhhhhh, Let's get ready to Time Trial! Booyah!!")
I was a little surprised to see that Frankie Andreau is involved with them, but he definitely lends strong cred to the team (a former MI guy too!).

bryan said...

don't worry, oldman -- Frankie's gone. Ball hired Tyler Hamilton without asking Frankie (the alleged Sportif).

In short ... Ball's a jackass, but I guess the commitment to cycling is OK.

One Eyed z said...

How in the heck do they get bikes off the roof of their quickly? That in itself should be fun to see druing a race.