Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So whaddya think?

And you don't have to be a racer to do so. Many perspectives need to be heard.

Issue in short:

Elk Grove, a rich Chicago crit, announced a hugely cut prize list for the women's race as well as dropping one of the women's races for want of attendance. One of my teammates, Chris, activated and ended up talking to both the promoter and the mayor and was asked to present some alternatives. Consequently, we'd like to hear what you think, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out and put your 2 cents out there.

"...frustrated with Elk Grove's decisions because I felt like they made drastic changes without really asking a broad group of women and teams what their incentives were. I complained that, while increasing the prize money, they REMOVED a race from the weekend event; which sometimes is critical in the travel decision-making." [explaining partial reason for lack of attendance]

It should also be noted that Cheerwine, the only PRO squad to show (other pros came and raced individually) won over 10K. If the same purse was offered in the 08 season, do you think those other teams are going to let that happen again? [We'd like to have the promoters give the event some time to grow instead of changing it every year in its 3 year life]

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Chris said...

I think it sucks. But the biggest problem with women's racing is attendance numbers. How can you get more women out to race? Once you have the masses, the promoters would be hard pressed to discriminate.

Sport said...

What can I say. You womans oughta be at home in the kitshen barefoots maken chitlens for you man anyways. What you alls think you doing anyhow, out dere racen in dem dere tight looken shorts with muschles steeking out everyways and everting shoooooot. You alls jist oughts a be happy yous can vote in dis here greatist land of the free dis here U. S. of A.

Seriously, I think the promoter has a responsibility to the sport of cycling to provide a gender equitable schedule. If equity is of no concern then the promoters of this sport are no better than corporate America with profit and numbers above all. For the sake of Sport not profits please be reasonable, shoooooot.

sydney_b said...

What are chitlin's anyway? :D

It's an interesting question. With all the men out there, you'd think there would be more wives and girlfriends who tire of the sidelines and give it a go themselves. But, I wonder how many men depend on their spouses to watch kids and take care of stuff while they're gone racin'? Not to mention doubling the bike budget. That being said, after all the riding I've done with the guys, I think they're super supportive of more women in the sport. So I don't know what we need to do.

I do know, that having women talk and teach other women seems to be more successful and that's one of the reasons I'm riding with Team Revolution next season. With the women's cycling club aspect, I think we can continue to get more women riders and some small percentage of those will opt to race.

sydney_b said...