Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wow! Journal Star features cycling twice in the last week!

Loved reading about Matt Baumeister's touring. In fact, that's what I started off thinking I would go do, at least until I tried racing, but it's still on the list.

And Mom and I made today's sports page...
For the record, it's probably not good to do a phone interview with a cold, because if I were and institutional designer, instead of an instructional, one, I just don't know what I'd come up with. :D

In any case, I hope both articles get folks to thinking about their bikes and what they could do beyond letting them gather dust in the garage.


the mostly reverend said...

hey, congrats on the great finish at nats, and good go on snagging the new team!
all in all, not a bad season, eh?

nicol said...

Very nice article, ladies. I don't think you're crazy, Nancy, for taking on cyclocross. It's fabulous. Cool to see you're planning on it again next year. :)

Neve_r_est said...

Well I think you'd make a fine institutional designer.

Nice article, good to see you two getting some recognition.


Have you read any of Joe Kurmaskie's books?

MG said...

very cool indeed... congratulations to both of you, sydney and nancy, for your feature article!

both of you represented the sport of cycling very well. syd, your quote, "racing isn't for everyone, but bicycling is" is awesome. it makes it seem achievable, which in all practicality, it is for almost anyone. that's the beauty of the bicycle, and you stated it with eloquence. good show.

you've had an incredible year in 2007 sydney, and i can't wait to see what you'll do with team revolution in 2008.

rip it up Ladies!


bluecolnago said...

good job, sydney!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Very cool to read the article on you and your mom. Must be great to be able to share the sport and the accomplishments with her.

sydney_b said...

@all, thank you so much for your support. When I'm feeling wimpy, I think about it and it helps me dig a little deeper.

@neve_r_est, no, I haven't. Worth the time?

@oldman, yeah, it is cool. I think my favorite aspect is getting to know a little more about her own ambitions and inclinations. She has always given so much to everyone else and I've often been curious as to what she'd do if she spent a little bit the the support time on herself.