Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family happenings

Pretty laid back Christmas around here... went to my folks' place for xmas eve where much fun was had with shock tanks and white elephant gifts like the genuine Calahan photo and fake snakes for my pop.

Of course, Erik got the tough guy award for playing tanks with his hands duct taped to the controller from start to finish. I played it sorta safe by going no tape the first time and then taping in for the next. Nick couldn't handle any taping. Said his pinkies were claustrophobic. Go figure.

My cold is fading fast, the wrist is healing, and after a full week completely off the bike, I'm getting excited to get back to it -- especially since I did the first draft of my '08 objectives yesterday. You got yours? :D Just joking. I'm a kind of person who needs an energy burning mission so as to avoid getting cantankerous, mopey or rendering life unpleasant for those nearest and dearest. My dad's kind of the same way and after 'vacationing' for maybe an evening and a morning he claimed to be struck with cabin fever.

-------------- From Pop --------------
Thanks for a fun Christmas eve. And tell them hammerheads I found the one snake in me bed with no excitement spent,'cause I ain't all dumb; but the one under my sweatshirt nearly cardiaced me this morning when I picked up the sweatshirt. Reckon my heart rate made the 150 bpm for a moment, but that merely furnishes extra blood to the long term memory system...*S* Woe be unto such rascals...
I just got to learn how to be old, you know, learn to lay 'round the house and flip aimlessly up and down the 90+/- tv channels full of drivel and convince myself I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Twixt Christmas eve and Christmas morn, 'bout 18 hours including sleep time, I caught me a bad dose of cabin fever. Only antidote for cabin fever I know is fresh air and excitment; so I decided that since the sun was shining, the temp above freezing by a few degrees, and the north--south roads were mostly free of ice I'd get out ole Bridgestone and go for a ride. I led ole Bridge down our ice-laden drive to the county road, mounted and headed toward town and Hwy 43. Well sir, I knew the corner and up the hill for to 43 would be as ice packed as our driveway, and I dismounted and led ole Bridge till I see some road that is white with limestone dust, stopped, rolled the pedal round, mounted and headed up the steepest part of the hill...turns out that beneath that limestone dust is a layer of ice and when I put the torque to the rear tire, ole Bridge lost his footing and smack, I'm face down with Momma Earth, kissing up like a long lost lover fresh found. Now for all you greenies out there, and for Mr. Gore in particular, trust me to confide that gravity is still working, and Momma Earth ain't warm here in Huskerland!
Anyway, got the cabin fever cured and only had one other minor crash on the pavement. What a great way to enjoy a part of Christmas day. A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to y'all. Anyway, the Lord willing and the creek don't rise, and ole Bridgestone takes a likin' to me, I'll see you all down the road when the weather gets better....Dad

Anyway, after approaching the holiday season with some dread, it turned out to be fun as always.

The great attitude my brother-in-law has was made completely apparent when his gun-toting pirate 3-year-old son individually thanked each of us for our gifts, then went off to bed after saying to his dad, "Tell Santa I have enough presents."

My mom's seemingly effortless ability to create a beautiful, yet unpretentious and comfortable ambiance was in full swing with Christmas in every room and real candles with real flamage on the tree. They've special holders and she lights them on Christmas eve and it's gorgeous.

My overworked sis somehow found time to sneak around and make a photo album of my race pix.

My o
phidiophobic father good humoredly put up with the grandkids' jokes and even baked the cinnamon rolls and made tortilla soup. It was alleged he volunteered for the duty in order to avoid a church service, but I like to think he's coming around to enjoy a little "women's work" from time to time. ;)

The Boys, like exuberant overgrown labrador puppies, kept things lively. My younger is rapidly exchanging his prepubescent stringiness for the full power of his masculinity. Consequently, one must constantly guard against getting caught in the fray when nearly 400 pounds of vicious swings and bone crushing tackles spontaneously erupt as the younger challenges the elder for supremacy, or the latter tries to cement his stronghold. Thankfully, my cousin Kyle, the youngest of my three boys, stays out of it so far. Maybe he's got some sense after all. And speaking of that kid, I so appreciate how willing he is to play with the little kids and they love him for it.

That's all I got for now. I hope your holiday was as pleasant as mine.


Chris said...

Merry Christmas Syd. You going to post your race schedule for 08 when it is finalized?

sydney_b said...

Yep. Should have it by next week. Heading to St. Louis Friday to meet with my new teamies and iron that sort of thing out. That Austin crit is already on the list though, so I hope see ya, Mr. World Traveler.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Are you planning to repeat at the Lumberjack again this year?
If not, at least come up and crush the locals at the Priority Health Crit in downtown GR this August.

VeloCC said...

Sounds like a fun Xmas:))