Friday, November 02, 2007

Tired of changing flats? How about a horse instead?

If you're in the market for a mighty fine quarter horse with a little hot thoroughbred running through him, my dad's got a couple more he's putting on the market.

Chipper, a sorrel, handles like a sports car with an engine to match.

Prefer something in true black? Lil' Joe is coming right along. Not as finished as his half bro just yet, but it won't be long.

Yeppers.... Helped Dad with his colts last night. He's been selling them on As much as I wanted to lope circles and ride more, I couldn't help remember the last time I did that and how sore I was. It's amazing. You wouldn't think the muscles used would be that different, but they are and if you ride a horse hard, with your legs like you should, your bike peddling is gonna suffer for a while. With the Riverside weekend on the horizon, I played it safe and stuck with just enough riding to do the job. Check out the Riverside flyer for more info.


oldmanandhisbike said...

There really is a site for just about everything on the internet now.
But very valuable from your perspective of selling horses.
We live in horse country here in West MI and my kids High School equestrian team just won the state championship.
Nice to see participation in sports outside the traditional stick and ball type.
We have a rowing team and a shooting team at the school as well which are gaining popularity.
Now, we need to work on a cycling program . . .

Marc said...

Can I commute on that?

Chris said...

Syd - I like your cowgirl side. You look good on a horse.

VeloCC said...

Marc, yes you can! It pretty much works like your bike. Gotta "lock it up" somewhere and add some water and food:)

Carrie said...

Man, Chris called her Uncle last week so we could take the kids riding for their birthday this past Sunday. Man I miss it. It took me all of 5 minutes and I had my seat back. Just gave it all up when I moved up her to the LOU. After Dad died, I brought his heeling horse up here, but he got caught in some fence, and got infection really bad, so we had to put him down.
Dad was always badgering me to go make some money in the ropin' pen, but I took off and now I straddlin' a hunk of metal.
Can't say as I make as much money on the bike, but it sure is self-gratifying.