Monday, November 19, 2007

No Fear/Sobe X Weekend in Lincoln

Hooligan Hill was great. The course was great. The weather couldn't have been better. I don't care how "not real cross" fair skies and firm turf is, I still dig it.

Saturday I signed up for the masters men so that I could leave early and take care of some stuff. Unfortunately, I caught the tip of my toe on the UCI regulation height barriers by the main tent and absolutely buried my head and left shoulder into the ground. After impact, checking for teeth, and broken bones, I withdrew to clear the stars my vision and later raced with the 1/2/3 men at the end of the day. I ended up 15th out of 21 starters and wasn't disappointed with that all things considered. The coolest thing was using the lap timer dealies that made it possible to see all our lap times and even compare our racing with the others in the field. Here's a link to mine. My first and last laps were my fastest and the ability to compare my times with the rest of the field confirmed what I've been suspecting lately, which is that I'm too conservative in the first laps. In viewing the top 10 men, I noticed all their laps got progressively slower and that I need to be more aggressive and not allow gaps during the first couple of laps. Period. Of course, I don't think I can do that in the men's 1/2/3, but I do think I could move up a few placings there and definitely improve my performance in the men's 3/4 and women's fields. So, consider the lesson learned. :)

Sunday, I was so sore from Saturday's fall that I just rode the women's race and took it about as easy as is allowable and despite doing that still rolled a tire. Sheesh. I have to improve my glue technique.

My mom, Nancy Brown, finished her first complete 'cross race and did so with good speed. Now, it's back to work, prepping for Jingle Cross this next weekend, and on to nationals!

(thx to lincoln-roadies for the pics)

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JuneBug said...

I am glad you are ok. THey raised them on you!!!
I swear those barricades seem higher in some of the races. Wierd.