Monday, November 26, 2007

Jingle Cross Race Report 2007

Jingle Cross was worth going to once again. Ferocious run ups both days and for that I was thankful because I count such horrors in my strengths department. (A big thank you to my local Ace hardware store for the M5 .8 pitch bolts I used Saturday instead of Sidi brand spikes. They worked like a charm and not a single time did I slip on that muddy climb.) Another huge thank you to everyone who hollered and helped me push on. It's pavlovian (sp?) the way the cheers and bells help me find just a little more juice. It was also a pleasure to get my butt whooped by Sue Butler and Wendy Williams of River City Cycles.

Talk about inspiration - I had been suffering a case of wussitis and a side of blah, but after losing the wheels of these two I have an entirely rejuvenated spirit. Gonna work on my weaknesses and use my strengths and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to hold your wheel a little longer next time. Three weeks to nationals and I'm feelin' good.

Here's a good vid of Saturday's run-up. I believe these are the 3/4 men on their first lap.
Punk Rock Cycling chix were great to meet and get to hang with. Here be their pix. More pix as they get posted. I didn't take any. :( Just plain forgot in my focus on racing.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Congratulations on your 4th and 3rd! Sounds like a tough race.
I have been at the last two local CX races and really want to get into this sport.
Good luck at Nationals!
P.S. Blue posted your finishes at his site along with some photos.

Marc said...

By the way, that wasn't the men 3/4 that was the elite men. Your excused. You were pretty drunk. :)

Marc said...

Oop! my bad "semi drunk"

Marc said...

just kidding

sydney_b said...

That's right. Despite being in Iowa where it's apparently OK to open beers most anywhere, twas just me and my endurox.

I called it the 3/4 race b/c I thought I saw Troy Krause's jersey go by at the beginning of the climbers. Might need to review it.

Chris said...

Great report Syd. It was cool to see you on video.

JuneBug said...

Great Job Sydney! I was so happy for you when I read you did so well at the Jingle.

I need some of that motivation you were talking about for my own training. :) ha!

congratulations !!
GREAT job.

Cornbread said...

Way to go Syd!