Friday, November 16, 2007

I know who I'm gonna be cheering for...SLIPSTREAM

<< Learning To Accept
Jonathan Vaughters revealed the secret weapon in Slipstream’s approach to ensure clean riding on their team - changing the context of the sport from “win at all costs” to accepting defeat and embracing humanity, then racing and winning as much as possible. And from what was presented, everyone from the Sponsors, to the riders, to the staff and management have aligned to his vision - we all have to accept the limits of what human beings can do, which will often result in defeat, in order to savor the victories with integrity and rid the sport of doping. >> Read the whole thing.


sda said...

They don't call him "the Professor" for nuthin'. Kind of gives me hope.

Chris said...

I am pumped about Slipstream. It is great to see a strong and clean US team coming together.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Good guy.
I met him in Colorado a couple years back (he was friends with a buddy who lives out there and rides for the Vitamin Cottage team) and was really impressed. He is one of the few committed to changing the culture of the sport and should be supported for it.
I used to love his writing in Cyclesport mag during his stint with Credit-Agricole too.