Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks. I needed that.

Drive or ride? That was the question this morning as I filled my bag. Laptop, lunch.... uh... yep, extra clothes. Hell, I'm gonna ride and I'm takin' the fenderless Badger to boot. Can't get any surlier, so might as well take some grump out on the weather. Sheets of water sting my eyes. Tires slip on the paint strips. Puddles deep enough to swamp my shoes. Comedian cagers aim their tire splash -- as if I can get any wetter. I wonder if I should've double-bagged the laptop.

Two miles later, I cut across the grass grinning and toss a "good morning" at a momma with a rain cover on her baby carriage and a dog leash in the other hand. Another woman zips by on her scooter. I'm starting to feel pretty good. A little cheeky even. What a difference some adventure and an elevated heart rate can make. Ride your bike. Good for your mental health.

Oh, and better yet... someone had made coffee and left cinnamon rolls at the office. Not the cheapo ones either - authentic , classic Miller & Paine ones. Yum.


VeloCC said...

Good for you!!!!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Ummmmm, cinnimon rolls.
I think I would ride in a typhoon if I knew those were waiting at the end of the road! :^)
And after that effort, you don't have to feel bad about having one either.

sda said...

mmm miller and paine.

i loved the mac. and cheese.