Sunday, October 21, 2007

Taking my own advice

Last weekend I was talking to a young woman about racing Jingle Cross and she was wondering if she ought to through in with the elites as well as her own race. I told her yes, because the best way to get faster is to start riding with those who are faster than you. So, this weekend, I took my own advice and raced with the men 1/2/3 at the Nebraska cross series #1 and #2. Saturday I got 10th out of ~25, and today, well, I was much weaker sauce, ending up 14th out of roughly 20 starters. Nonetheless, I considered both finishes to be solid successes for a couple of reasons. First, one focus was to be aggressive in my cornering. Second, I was put in the position of needing to give everything I had or risk being last. Talk about motivation. ;) Consequently, both aims were met.

I suffered two mishaps. On Saturday, I dropped a chain and that cost me big time, then today I took a spill and ended up placing behind the Cornbread who caught me while I was shaking the stars from my head and locating my bike. Didn't matter. I accomplished what I set out to do and after a couple of rest days expect to be stronger for the experience. Next week will find me down in Kansas for the Capital Cup in Topeka and Boulevard Cup in KC.

The highlight of the weekend though was getting to watch my mom's first 'cross race. She did great and I'm so very proud that she went out there and rode it. Twas a tough course to start this sport on, but I think she'll do great and be even stronger for #3 & #4 in this series. My friends Christine and Nicole also gave 'cross their first go's. Nicole won on Saturday and Christine was second.

Janna Vavra won the women's open both days, despite running way too big of a gear on her single-speed. I'm hoping she gets that gearing figured out and secures some options, then goes with me to Jingle Cross...which reminds me.... I need to get registered.


da terminator said...

I'll see what I can do about that gearing. Nice job this weekend, you're a power house!

LoupGarou said...

Great job Syd, your just amazing. You mom was amazing too. She did a great job and sure hope to see her at more races with you.

Marc said...

Good goals. You're learning. It's not about winning every race. It's about winning that one race that is your ultimate race goal.

You set small goals in the meantime. These small goals boost your confidence and skills. Then you put all this learning into that one race(s) you want to do well in. Staying consistent is also important.

From a coaches and bike racers point of view, I really dislike the system of winning every race and the emphasis on prize money. I think that's what sponsorship should be for. Sponsorship should pay your racing expenses. Then each individual on the team aims for a win. A race that showcases each and every members strengths and your sponsors strength as well. The benefit of the prize money is secondary.

Then you have another aspect of prize money called ROY points and free entries. This just encourages people to win every race. From a coaching/training aspect that doesn't fit in. No wonder people are just half of what there potential could be. You can only push your body so hard for so long. This type of prize is totally wrong at this level, amateur level, of competition.

I could go on and on about this type of system but this isn't the forum. The only thing I will say is your doing it right. Not just cause I'm coaching you but cause it's the right way to be an athlete.

What were your goals for this year? Did you achieve them? One goal left and that's cross natz. What's your goal for that? You know. One more step up the ladder of training this next month. Stay on course like you've done all year.

Training has a purpose like a ship has a rudder. Without that rudder to guide the ship it will wonder aimlessly around. Not able to reach its goal.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Glad you don't live around her and can't embarrass us back markers with your amazing, blazing speed. But then again, I couldn't run with the guys in 1/2/3 anyway! :^)
Very cool that your mom raced and did well. Great that you have had a positive influence on her and your other friends.

nicol said...

Janna, you were fab-tough on that single speed.

Sydney, I was impressed. :) You are so strong and fun to watch. And, I agree with Kevin about your mom. She did a great job!

Cornbread said...

Good racin' with ya Syd.

Kansas this weekend? I get back in town on Friday evening. I may only race on Sunday. I'll let ya know later this week.

VeloCC said...

Great job Syd!!
I know how hard you work and what goal you have in mind...
By the way, I am hooked:) I am looking for skinnier tires for my MTB. Maybe a Cross Bike for next year:)

VeloCC said...

And Janna, YOU are a power house as well!!!!

Nicole, you did GREAT:)

I wish I had a faster bike....

JuneBug said...

WHEW! Sydney! Great job. I am still trying to not get dropped by the guys let alone PLACE!! I am hugely impressed you got 10th!!! But I am not at all surprised though. You are a good inspiration.

the mostly reverend said...

i was delighted to see you doing both races in des moines, and doing well in them.
i have been doubling up for years, whenever possible [masters and 1s/2s], as i agree: you only get better by racing more.

so keep it up.
i enjoyed watching you at spooky cross.
i look forward to watching--and maybe racing against--you in nebraska in november, and again at jingle cross.