Thursday, October 04, 2007

Prepping to race like a dang slider puzzle lately

So.... Rob sends me up a beautiful bike. No problem right? It's designed to accept both mtb and road wheels, so I get it set up and it shifts horribly. This on top of discovering how out of true and loose spoked my front wheel is sends me down to the shop where we determine to try a rear mtb wheel and see if that makes any difference. Reluctant to purchase anything, I tear down the tubeless I9's and conclude the day with 3 out of 4 bikes dismantled, "Stans" all over the kitchen floor, and still afoot as I was unable to get the cross tires inflated tubeless style. (Yeah, I know. Put tubes in, but I wanted to run them tubeless and got stuck on that.)

Awaken and take the bike, wheels, and tires to the shop. Maybe using their compressor I can get the tires right. Nope. I finally relent and add tubes. Tires are fine now, but despite adjustments, it still shifts poorly. Then, Eric solves the problem.

Turns out there's a little tab where the cable goes into the derailleur that MUST be positioned so that it is towards the back. If turned any other way, then it bumps a thing and ruins the shifting.

Woo hoo! Maybe my original plan of training on the tap and racing with my carbons will still come together. All I have to do is switch the tires and wheels all around again. Gah! Tinkering rates somewhere just above having my toe stubbed on the fun list. Oh well, racing in two weeks, you do what you gotta do, no? Figure I'll do it on my Monday rest day after hot laps on Sunday.

Towards the end of my workout on the home course, I run over the end of a wire and pop it exactly up into the derailleur cracking one dura-ace rear unit and bending the hangar way out. CRAP!!! I feel sick and contingency plans are in short supply.

Back to my local bike shop heroes. Nate has some special tools and after warning me several times it probably wouldn't work and all that, he gets it back in line and lo and behold the derailleur off my road bike works great. He then points out that my mtb wheels are so out of true that I really ought to do something about it. So, the tire slider game begins anew. Finally, as of yesterday, the bike is all together, two sets of wheel are true and I just have to put the mtb bike back together. Oh, I guess there's one more thing.....

Take the road tubulars off and put the Grifo Challengers on my carbons. Solvent, glue -- I'm sure it'll be an education. Oh, and did I mention I cracked the LED on my powertap computer and messed up my phone when they both slipped off my lap while sitting in the car?

(Now you know why my posts have sparse of late)


oldmanandhisbike said...

Man, you are hard on equipment! Must be all of that explosive power; mere mortal derailleurs and mounts cannot handle it! :^)
Hate to ask why your computer and phone were on your lap while you were driving but . . . ?
10 and 2, 10 and 2!

Chris said...

That is the good thing about having a lot of bikes. You can usually piece one together from all of the parts.

sydney_b said...

@oldman, I was just getting into the car after putting my bike on the rack. Had my toys on my lap while organizing the rest of my stuff. Skirt and heels complicated matters and chaos ensued.

@chris, I suppose that's a good spin. What worries me is become one of those people who have a jillion bikes all broke down in some way with only one ready to ride. I'm aiming to have them all built all the time except for maybe the TT bike. :)

Marc said...

Let me know when you unglue the tires. It's a blast. Being lite headed and sticky.

No TT bike in the winter. When you can't get a team issue bike till march sometimes you're left to your non team issue TT bike. Early morning rides, black ice on a TT bike. Don't need to say much more. All I can say is that it sucks to crash a $100 pair of tights, a $100 jacket and a $400 carbon bontragerTT bar. Dammit, never really like to add up crashes. Usually just look at the damage and get back on the bike. It's not good to think. Oh well, as they say in France " shit happens".

VeloCC said...

They say merde in French!!!
Girl, you take it, you break it:))

Dad said...

If you think keeping that girl in bikes is tough, you should have had the job of keeping her in horseflesh...*LOL*

Here, Dad, fix him... She tried that on the bike but I volunteered Nate...*LOL* I could out-fox her on the horses, but we both know that it wouldn't work on the bikes...

Keep smilin' and greasy kid and you'll get some wheels...