Thursday, October 11, 2007

Had some 'cross fun last night

Cross practice was a blast. I hope henceforth upon the autumnal equinox Wednesday Worlds transforms into 'Cross nite. Was super cool to see folks from all the different riding groups. Everyone can mix it up to their hearts content and no one gets dropped. Heck, there was even a picnic table near the barriers for spectators to practice their spectatin' and get a front row view of the crashes! (Thanks Troy and John for the entertainment.) The only thing missing was hot cocoa afterwards. :D Can't wait to do it again next week! Check out some of the other pix over on FFL.


bennetbeauty said...

Did you just grab what you could on your bike and go over the hurdles, or are you using the correct holding technique?

sydney_b said...

"Correct" is whatever is fastest. That being said, it would probably have been better to have not reached over the bike because that limits the height to which I can lift it. Fortunately, I'm tall enough that doing it this way over regulation barriers works fine. Shorter folks will grab the bike in different ways.

Here's a pic of a super fast kid taking the barriers. Note how his elbow is on the body side of the seat, whereas I'm reaching over. I would like to refine my barrier technique, but it usually works pretty OK.

The most important thing to remember is figure out a way to use the momentum you bring into the section to help carry you through it with the bike.

For example, last year, I waited too long to get off and as a consequence, had to come to more of a stutter stop before teh first barrier. This season I'm trying to give myself more room to hit the run rythem (sp?) before doing the leaps.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Looking pretty smooooth there over the barriers!

bennetbeauty said...

Thanks for the pic and the invaluable information. It always makes such good sense.