Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FEB '07 -- but read it anyway

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The US Cyclo-cross team stunned the world by taking three silver medals at the world championships this year. While remarkable, the medals won in this year's 'cross worlds weren't the first big results for the US in cyclo-cross. In 1999, Matthew Kelly won the gold in the junior men's race and Tim Johnson took bronze in the Espoirs. The next year Walker Ferguson took silver in the juniors, and the women have been competitive for years - Alison Dunlap and Ann Knapp scored top ten finishes for several years. Does this year's haul signal a new era in American cyclo-cross? Racer and writer, Peter Hymas, explores the potential for a US 'cross explosion.

Racers under pristine New England weather.

Photo ©: Russ & Nancy Wright
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Chris said...

When is your first cyclo race? How is practice at the home track coming?

sydney_b said...

Love having the hometrack and feel like being able to be fast on that course will make for good racing. Unfortunately, I picked up a wire on sunday and nearly bent my derailleur hanger right off. Gah! Toasted a dura-ace derailleur. Fortunately, the good men of MWC were able to bend it back and I'm back in action.