Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cross practice in the park

Went out to Pioneers Park and used the cross country runner's loop for a cross course. Had a real fast start, then shortly had to dodge geese, ride through mud and back around again. While I was getting ready for the 2nd lap I see a couple of other 'crossers coming up the way - Nate and Jesse. We rode down to see if last year's course was rideable, but the grass is about a foot high and we settled for running hooligan's hill then returning to the runner's loop, where we did a couple more hot laps and called it good. Twas nice to have some company to help push my pace. I was a little down and sore in the quads and wasn't hitting it at race pace.

Prolly more valuable is riding behind either of these two and seeing how the technical hotshots handle the corners. Was fun.

This pic is from 2004. Last year the weather was perfect. Tony's in the red.

"If we're gonna use this course this year, they oughta start mowing now, tho, or we'll be calling it 'jungle cross'"(jesse)


oldmanandhisbike said...

Boy am I glad you mentioned the photo was not from this years event; that is harsh October weather even for MI!

Anonymous said...

Use to be.....riding off-road in Pioneers on other than race days was forbidden.....the park threatened to not allow racing if people were training out there....but that was a rumor way back....who knows?? Lefler might know......

sydney_b said...

@anonymous, Hmm. Well, we stayed on the runners existing route, so I don't think we did any extra damage and I sure didn't see any signs that we couldn't do it, so I guess I'll wait for a park ranger to chew me out. :)
(wouldn't be the first time)

Grew up out there and you'd get in trouble for riding horses off the trail.