Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2007 'cross debut will be .... Spooky Cross

Spooky 'Cross 2007: Home

A New Fall Cyclocross Classic ------------- Last year I tried 'cross for the first time at Chris Cross down in Kansas and I'd like to return to that course, but the payouts at Spooky Cross and the opportunity to see some of my Iowa friends is gonna send me east instead of south this year.   Get yer cross on!


Sean Weide said...

How does that old saying go?

"Follow the money..."

JuneBug said...

OH FUN! I love the name of that race.
I am so excitedly happy for you. I love cross! I never thought I'd like it so much. I can't wait for my next race.

You are going to KICK 'bumpers'!!

((I can't say bad words or the computer nazi's will get me)).

sydney_b said...

@sean, yeah. you have to reward the events that put it out there for the women. When we don't show up despite efforts made to enrich the pot, then the promoters think we don't care so much about that. And, if what I heard at the bigger races this season is to be believed, that's simply not true.

The bigger teams and tougher riders care A LOT.

@junebug, yeah, it's fun and I'm amp'd to get started. Feels weird not to be racing right now, tho I know the break is good for me.

JuneBug said...

The rest IS good! Remember I was sick all August? Coming back was tough but now my legs are feeling wicked-awesome. (haha)
Once you find your race legs, you will just ride everyone off your wheel.

I think more women are starting to get into cross. We are seeing bigger fields locally but it might be just the warmer temperatures we have been having. It was 90 yesterday.