Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get yer (farm) cross on....Sunday.

Yeah, I have the coolest mom, ever.

I call her today to see if it's ok if I come out and try and map out a cross course, and you know what? She already made one. It's 1.1 miles, runs around the farm with some good long straight bits, curves, barriers, grass, gravel, and who knows what else. Plannin' on giving it a thorough test run Sunday afternoon 'tween 2 and 5pm. They're located out by Bennet, so you can ride out. If you're interested in attendin' email me and I'll hook you up with more details. That's .... sydney dot e dot brown at gmail dot com.

Oh, and bring the kids if you like. There's a trampoline to break their necks, a hayloft with a rope to break their legs, cats to scratch 'em, 'lectric fences to shock and thrill, some horses to ogle and even a stinky dog.


sorel top said...

. . .and personal injury release forms for everyone!

VeloCC said...

Can I do the course on a horse?

oldmanandhisbike said...

I'll meet you there. Shouldn't be more than 30 minutes from my house! :^)
You do have a cool mom. She is a trooper for riding and racing.
Gee, that farm sounds, ummm, dangerous. A kid could get hurt there. Might want to put down some pads or wood chips or have a spotter or something.

sydney_b said...

@sorel top, Nah. Don't need no steenkin' release forms. If someone gets hurt bad enough to be trouble, we'll just put 'em down - like the horses you know.

@velocc, that's not very THOR. Horses will put divets in our finely groomed route. (heh heh)

@oldman, uhm... see, we like nebraska kids tough and smart. Farm dangers kinda weed out the weak and stupid, so we'll be forgoing and pads, chips, or spotters.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I was joking.
Kids need things that challenge them and make them take risks.
I used to do all of those things you mentioned on my cousin's farm in Indiana and I never lost a limb.

VeloCC said...

I know, I wouldn't tear up a bike trail....

hey if I can bring kids, can bring husband as well?

And Mr. Whiskers?

bryan said...

I'll send my kid out -- I figure he can at least ride a small dog around.

BennetBeauty said...

Velocc - Please do bring your husband and dog. I am so excited to see ya'll.

nicol said...

Nancy and Sydney,

That was so fun! That looked like it was a lot of work, mowing that course and getting it all set up and ready.

I had a great time (y'all were so nice!) out there and learned bunches, so thank you! :)