Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cyclocross Calendars and Flyers

Here I am, trying to plan my 'cross season
and having a heck of a time -especially locating races in Kansas.
When's the Boulevard Cup? What's going on in MN? What all does IA have?
Why aren't there flyers? I know. Whine. Whine. Whaaaaah. Got links?
Please post.


Neve_r_est said...

More news sources than ever, and yet there is less content.....driving me nuts too.

In IA when all else fails consult

I highly recommend Village cross, great course, great payouts in the QC.

Only the four races there in NE, right?


VeloCC said...

What would you DO without cross????


sydney_b said...

That is so the truth, Dennis. More sites than ever and I can't find nuthin'.

Would it be so hard to have a shared midwest google calendar? As for races in NE. I think you're right. There's the two in Omaha and the two in Lincoln.

Velocc.... cry. That's what I'd do. Cry about how it's getting cold and icky and there's nothing fun to do. But cyclocross changed the whole winter perspective for me. :D (Tho I'm still wincing a bit at those december races)

LoupGarou said...

I found a bunch on the site under the MyCycling section. I just edited my preferences and changed the "Event State Subscriptions" under the "Event Email Notification" section and added NE, IA, MO. A whole bunch of events came up. I doubt they are ALL the events available but I see quite a few. Looks like there is one in Newton, IA the last weekend in September. Here's the flyer link

Hope this helps.

Question for you. What bikes are allowed. Some people say I have to have drops, others say I don't. I want to use my 7.5FX will this be okay? Thanks.

Adrian_O said...

Kevin - i think as long as you get dirty all bike are ok. :-)

LoupGarou said...
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sda said...

i'm thinking no 'cross for me this year. i've got my eyes on a half marathon. that being said, i do have plenty of cowbell to donate to the cause. you know, 'cause you can always use MORE COWBELL!!

sydney_b said...

'zactly SDA. MORE COWBELL! A half marathon? Makes my feet hurt to think of it.

sydney_b said...

Kevin, thanks for creating the calendar. Don't know if we can get anyone to use it, but maybe you and I will know what's going on and that's something.