Friday, August 24, 2007


It's late. Oughta be asleep. How am I gonna drive 3.5 hours then race for 6 if I don't get a good nights rest? Especially if the rain turns the trail into a sticky mess. Oh well, sleep soon. FWIW, family members have been getting some time off the bike and not in the way they planned. My little niece reported she had a few scrapes to show me and my dad has 7 stitches.

I guess he and my mom were traversing some large sharp rocks when they had to lock it up quick on account of a car. Both went down and Dad's hand took the hit. No worries. He's got lots of experience with boo boos. Heck, maybe he'll get those hands toughened up. Been getting a little soft and townie-like of late. ;)

Mom's OK and was giving the Karate Monkey a test today. She's gonna ride it at "Cruise the Blues" in the Joy division, but I think I told you that already. I'm just so excited she's gonna do it I had to repeat myself.


Neve_r_est said...

Yea, I know those thoughts. Been having those thoughts most of this week whilst burning the midnight oil.

Today was different. I just woke up, its 5am, and I'm still in the kitchen. Maybe I should go to bed now. Or go for a test ride, oh wait it's still least I got some sleep.


Dad said...

Hmmmmmmm....I see that all the cheeky genes are working...with or without sleep. Hey? Guess what? You never got to see me bucked off any broncs even though you engineered some of the wrecks...and now you didn't even get to see ole bridgestone pitch me. Na, na, na, na.... ;-)

As for getting some sleep, just run over the edge of the road a couple of times and your mom will be wide awake and will like a charm... (L)

May Saturday be a good day for both of y' best I'm working or watching a soccer game...Just gotta see Anya's whole card when it's pulled.

LoupGarou said...

Have a great time and good luck. Can't wait to hear the reports. :) Hope you get enough sleep.

VeloCC said...

Wow, that is too cool that your MOM will ride as well.
Sorry to hear that Mr. Dad got bucked off the bridgestone.
You girls will ROCK!!!!!!!!!

sydney_b said...

Good tip, Dad. I'll try that. AND... I hope you didn't jinx yourself with that taunting. :D

Dennis, see ya tomorrow? Right?

Kevin and VeloCC, thx! Helps me get psyched up for this thing.

oldmanandhisbike said...

My dad only gets hurt playing with his chainsaw and tractor. Won't go near a silly contraption like my mountain bike.
My mom rides and every time I see her do it, for some reason the song from the Wizard of Oz is plays in my head (the old lady, riding with the dog?)! :^)