Monday, August 13, 2007

Tour of KC

Had a pretty good weekend. Was 2nd to Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine) in the Cliff Drive Class road race. Ended up 4th in the Grand Prix crit, but got two preems, so that made up for it -- kinda. ;) Ended up missing the critical break. Megan Hottman attacked after Catherine Walberg had been wore down by the repeated attacking from the Mercy team. Anne Felts from Mercy bridge up and I missed that ride. Oh well. Sometimes it happens.

Probably the coolest thing was that KC marked my first 12 mos. as a bike racer. These courses were the first two yet that I'd actually raced before and that's a bigger advantage than I thought it might be.

Up next .... 8/25 Cruise the Blues, 6hr marathon on a Kansas ranch; 8/31-9/3 GATEWAY CUP!!! Wooo!


Chris said...

there are two things that bum me out about your post today:
1. You didn't have any TRev support in shutting down those attacks
2. You won't be joining us in Downers Grove this weekend. Bummer, we'll miss you!

I remember your first race last year! I was in that race! You went off the front both days. You killed us!

Kudos to your quick rise! Keep on truckin', lady. You're an inspiration. Can't wait to see you at Gateway.

JuneBug said...

Way to Race Sydney!
Way to shut down those attacks. Yeah... I wish you were coming to Downers too!

fun said...

Way to go, Syd...especially when you're running single and the competition has their teams intact. You did good!!