Monday, August 20, 2007

Just busy ....

You're gonna see fewer updates here, maybe once a week. Just plain busy. In addition to supporting online graduate programs for UNL, I've taken the opportunity to teach an interactive technology course, so less blogging time for this biker. Here's the short list of what's up:
  • Boys are back in school and thrilled about it. (not)
  • Cruise the Blues 6 hour is this weekend, so I need to get my mtb all put together again
  • Getting amp'd for Gateway Cup at the end of the month. Rumor has it that Xplane is going to put several women in the field.
  • Training is going well, had a couple of strong rides this last week.
  • Thinking about hitting some UCI 'cross races in Colorado and Kentucky. It would be a lot of travel, but UCI points improve your start position for nationals and it would be a good measure of where I'm at right now and show me what I need to work on to be as ready as I can be for December.
  • My folks have stuck with their riding program and are getting faster. I expect this will increase rapidly now that Dad has switched up his equipment to some skinny tires. We'll see if Mom switches out her 'cross tires for some smoothies to drive the pace even harder.
That's all I got for now!


BennetBeauty said...

You are so perceptive! I was thinking I might have to invest in smoothies while coming down the hill past Bennet Cemetary last night. That man "may" give me a run for my money yet!

Pops said...

bennetbeauty, you may write that last line in your diary...*S* And forget the's just another go-round...

Neve_r_est said...

lol :) Thats awsome.