Friday, August 03, 2007

Hangin' with the younger set

She rides in her own time
My niece and I had another riding session last night and she totally rode by herself. I had the rope on the seat post, but never did it pull tight, nor did I ever touch her seat. After telling her so, she said, "I know, Sydney, I can see your shadow."

"So, do you want me to take the rope off and let you ride by yourself?"

"No. Next time just your hand. Then after that I'll ride by myself and we'll go to the ice cream downtown."

She also says she wants to go to every ice cream shop in town one at a time.

OK, little bean. Whatever you want.

Overheard in my living room ....

boy 1: "Check this's the coolest car ---- ever."
boy 2: "It is not. There's porche, ferrari, jaguars, ... humina humina ..."
boy 1: "Yeah, but everyone thinks those are cool."
boy 2: "Duh. They're fast."
boy 1: "This isn't about speed. This is styyyyyyyle."
boy 2: "That is a cool car then."

The car in question ---- replica Gremlin.

Just goes to show you... if you're feeling a little wore down or a shade bitter about the world, let a kid give you a fresh perspective on life, the universe and everything.


oldmanandhisbike said...

That is a smart kid. If she plays her cards right, she'll keep stringing this out until you have hit every ice cream shop within riding distance!

That awesome car was my wife's first. I had the much cooler AMC Hornet in orange.
The kids are showing they have good taste in autos! :^)

Marc said...

Never flip off someone in a Nova when you're in a pacer. Makes for a long chase. You just can't ditch a Nova in a Pacer. Unless you make a right hand turn through someones front yard, missing the tree and plow through some chain link.

It's hard to loose your virginity in a gremlin or a pacer. First of all they're to small. No back seat. That's why we have sports cars. OK,That's why we have corn fields.

LoupGarou said... cream....another good reason to ride bikes. :)

mtb05girl said...

I will say your post today made me smile - which is a good thing cuz I'm sort of down. I don't know if I'm feeling down or just nervous. The big move is tomorrow...

VeloCC said...

I should try that ice cream trick on Martin:)
...or the cornfield:D

VeloCC said...

Hey, Amanda. Can I move with you, PLEASE.

sydney_b said...

velocc, try ice cream AND a corn field. Bet that will work.

amanda, ur just nervous. It's a big change but ur going to do great. It'll b a blast!

brian, i'm just gonna take it as a good thing.

marc, life lessons?

VeloCC said...

hmm, ice cream in the corn field...sounds like I have a plan to work on.

Do you have to drive the car into the field????

JuneBug said...

Syd's blog is always a mood lifter.
Thanks Sydney for posting this. Made me think of my little niece.

Good Luck Amanda!