Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gettin' some sox

Saris had a special TdF package that was not only entertaining, but hugely instructive if you use a powertap as part of your training regime. During the tour, they collected power data, answered questions, and provided some short, but instructive videos.

I submitted a question they opted to put on the site and am now getting a pair of sox. How cool is that?

Check out all the Q&A

--------------- My Question --------------------
What kind of RPMs do the TdF competitors maintain for those many hours? I've been trying to improve mine. Currently the biggest slice of the pie is 80-100, instead of the 100-120. Should I be striving to get above that 100 number? Thx!


When pedaling, Floyd took about 450,000 pedal strokes during the Tour de France. This puts him at an overall cadence of 85 rpm if you include time not pedaling. When pedaling, Floyd averaged about 90 to 95 rpm with a range of about 60 at a low to 130 at a high. For the most part, cycling efficiency is a function of both power and cadence. We tend to be more efficient at higher power outputs at higher cadences and more efficient at lower power outputs at lower cadences. So unless you can hold over 300 watts for an hour at a time, I would say that you probably don’t need to worry about keeping things above 100 rpm unless you are just trying to get a more fluid stroke. For most riders, optimal efficiency can be found somewhere between 70 to 90 rpm. That said, learning how to spin fast, makes spinning slower a whole lot easier.



Marc said...

How many pairs of socks does a TdF rider loose?

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Dear Sockless Wonder,

If your Floyd Landis in '07, right now, none. If your Floyd Landis in the '06 version of the TdF then one pair a day. Floyd lost so many socks cause he was full of whiskey to raise his testosterone. Everyone knows you loose your socks when your testosterone levels are high. You just pedal right out of your socks.

Good luck with your riding adventures. Keep your socks!

VeloCC said...

Question to marc:

What happens to high-leveled female
whiskey rider??

P.S.: Been drinking a lot of whiskey, but can't seem to raise my testoterone levels...