Friday, August 10, 2007

The freedom of two wheels

She did it! Just as planned, my niece rode off on the first try. She then went on to ride around about 30 minutes while I stood and tried to get a good video of it with my phone.

Here's what I got: phone format video (66k)

It was such a privilege to get to have this moment with someone. Her excitement and newly acquired confidence just radiated. She even went on to use only one hand to steer because the other was needed to brush the curls off her cheeks. Of course, then she started showing off a bit and nearly got her first road rash.

A little later we made our way downtown to Ivanna Cone. Her blueberry treat was so tasty she said she wanted to go back there next time instead of trying a different place.

I also rode down shaded side streets and through alleys to get a bamboo sushi mat which I used later to roll some tuna sushi. Was a good day.


Adrian_O said...

I'll send over the team contract asap!

LoupGarou said...

That has got to be a wonderful experience for you. Sure wish my niece lived closer so I could work with her on her bike. Glad you got to experience it.

Mmmmm....sushi...the food of the gods.

VeloCC said...

What a magic moment!!
It must mean the world to you to not just put someone new on the bike, but actually put a little chica on there after you taught her how to ride.

Would you teach me, how to ride?
I want some cinnamon ice cream!!

Chris said...

She is a natural

oldmanandhisbike said...

Very cool. I remember those days with my kids; my son running into a parked car while looking back at me to see if I was watching!
And you made good on the ice cream too. I would walk on coals for ice cream! :^)

sydney_b said...

oh yeah, no flakin' on this girl. I remember running into the back of car on my paper route in 3rd grade. ouch. Also an endo on some rocks. Both on my first road bike -- a light blue number from the local coast to coast store. Fell in love with it and my folks hooked me up. Loved riding that thing.