Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That was fun..

Went and led a little cycling thing for kids tonight.
Had a blast. They (the kids) want me to come back tomorrow.
So, I think I will. In fact, I've got some ideas to make it all even more fun.

Cones, chalk, street sprints and a parking lot single speed crit... yeah.. they're gonna dig this.

There's this one girl, she's 6 pushing 7 hard, and she is awesome. She recently learned to ride her bike and races everyone - occasionally putting her foot on her handlebars for extra panache. And she's super strong. Can pick up her big sister and helped the boys turn their bmx's over for service. Ha! Girl power. :D


LoupGarou said...

I want your job. That sounds like so much fun. Glad you get to do things like that.

Marc said...

Teach them for the long term. We need more people educated in the ways of the bicycle.

Here's a good site to help


Marc said...

I guess i should of said check out the education, safety and bike helmets like first. Incorporate this into the fun.

sydney_b said...

of course...safety first. Think someone on her second helmet this year wouldn't be on top of that? ;)

The thing is that kids are hearing be careful, don't do this, don't do that all the time.. so much so that many just go inside and play vid games.

I'm out to get 'em to suit up for safety, then have some fun.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Keep up the good work; we need to get the cycling message out to the youngsters and get them off the couch. The hard part is keeping them on the bike when the teenage years come around.
My son is a perfect example. He followed me everywhere on the bike and eventually started racing. But as soon as he had to start pushing himself to improve and at the same time, got a driver's license, the love affair with bikes was over.
Females especially need encouragement and role models. It is nice that you are there to give them that.

Dad said...

Safety? Safety? *LOL* Now how can that be fun?

Glad you did it, Sydney. And the safety thing is an inside joke as you know I always made certain all horses were safe to ride... ;-)...assuming of course you could ride.

I fail to understand vid games or tv when you can push the adreneline rush with the real thing.

Get them souped up and involved in life...