Thursday, July 26, 2007

Superweek doesn't end till the month does

International Cycling Classic: 2007 Standings: "Overall - Cat 3/4 Women"
I'm watching the results for these two women: Amanda Miller, Atlas Core Cycling and Chris Roettger, Team Revolution.


mtb05girl said...

Stinkin' crashes anyway. I'm having terrible luck this season! I went from 2nd overall to 7th all because of the rain.

I'm impressed with Team Revolution at Super Week. They are really the only organized ones there. They stick together most of the race - especially towards the end. Great team work!!

VeloCC said...

You are still doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!
Can I ask you some questions?
Are you clean? Do you know Dr. Ferrari?....
Isn't that what every successful rider gets asked these days?!? (Contador did)