Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No firecracker 50 for me :(

I would have loved
to have gone to the Firecracker 50
in Breckenridge this year, but it is not to be.

If I went, I'd want to be at my best since it is the national NORBA endurance championship, and there's no way to do that w/o going up a little early and getting somewhat accustomed to the altitude. We'll see about next year. Besides, by then, I aim to be A LOT handier on a mountain bike. ;)

So instead, the now NRC International Cycling Classic aka Superweek, is my focus. Right now we're trying to find a place where the revolution chix and myself can stay all together to give us a chance to get to know each other.

SDA.... please pop me an email [sydney dot e dot brown at gmail dot com]. I think you said you have family in the Chicago/Milwaukee area?


Cornbread said...

Yeah, no race for me either. Bummed, but let's plan for next year.

sydney_b said...

for sure. In fact, I think I'll put it on my racing calendar now.

oldmanandhisbike said...

It is a tough race, but a great place to go ride.
I have friends who live in Denver who are big time bike racers (they are friends with Jan Vaughters!) and have a house in Frisco. Let me know if you go out there for the FC-50 next year and I will try to hook you up!

Marc said...

Dam, if I'm your coach next year I got a mess on my hands already. There's a lot of "I'm going to go do that and I'm going to go do this" talking. How many times can a person peak in a year?
I think you can be better than what you are if you were more selective.

Of course, this is all "race" talk. We've got some talking to do before Nov.
I take no responsibility for jelly legs.

sydney_b said...

damn. Now I'm in trouble. :D

(which is good, cuz when i'm not, it just feels weird)