Monday, July 30, 2007

Dave Babcook Memorial Stage Race

Won the road race, second in the TT, skipped Sunday's crit. The women went with the cat 4 men and thinking to get into a break as well as stay out of any mayhem, I kept myself to the front 10 riders of the pack. But, because of my knack for being where the action is, a surge or pseudo attack came up the left and a guy on the far right decided he needed to be on the left. Consequently, several men were wiped out. I was able to bring my bike to a near stop, but not quite. When my front wheel went up on a downed bike, I tipped over, getting a small boo boo on my knee and bruises on my hands. I also did something to my right wrist. It's still swollen today.

My front tire was rubbing the brakes and I couldn't tell which was out of whack, so I went to wheel vehicle for a switch. They took out all the wheels, but mine turned out to have been put in the wrong car. So, I adjusted my front break so nothing was rubbing and took off after the pack. Thus began my first time trial of the day.

The funny thing was that the wreck happened on the second lap I think, and during the first lap, a guy in the pack had congratulated me on my upcoming win. I had said it was premature, but laughed, because my whole plan was to ensure a big cushion with the road race, because I didn't have a full suite of TT equipment and it wasn't my current strength, and there I was .. waaaaay off the back when my plan had been to get waaay off the front. The best laid plans .....

Anyway, I settled into a groove and each time I'd come up on someone, I hoped they'd fallen off my group and wanted to get back on and were willing to put themselves out for some strong pulls. Some folks really tried (Thanks Janna!) and finally I caught up with Don Rasky who had also been in the crash and he had I made a lot of progress, especially when we scooped up a Powerade fellow. We never did catch the whole pack, but I was able to regain my spot as the women's leader and had a 5+ min. lead going into the time trial. Morgan Chaffin put a 48 second dent in that with her TT'ing abilities. Don't know how that girl does that, but she's inspiring me to improve in that area. One of these days.... :D

The next morning, I woke up, walked out on the deck, saw the rain and felt the pain in my wrist and tailbone (still from last Sunday) and just didn't feel like driving an hour to Omaha to race. I was tired. Sore and mostly just wanted to lay around and read the Harry Potter book. So that's what I did. All day. Laid on the sofa, ate pizza, read, took a nap, and watched a couple episodes of Heroes. See, I have a problem with fiction. I can't stretch it out and relish it. I binge on it. The good news is I'm done with the book and after having spent an entire day doing nothing but laying around in the air conditioned dimness stuffing my face and resting, I actually feel pretty darn fresh today and happy to be on my bike, although my wrist still hurts and I can't lift my leg over my bike or bend down to buckle my shoes w/o at least 3 ibuprofen running through my system. sigh.

Well, that's the babcook report. Now, I want to find out how Danielle and Skip did at 9-mile, and how things panned out for Chris and Amanda at Superweek.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Congrats on your win and second and surviving the crash. Fighting back after that is pretty gutsy; I would have cried and called for my mommy! :^)
So, who dies in the Potter book?

mtb05girl said...

Nice job this weekend! Hope you heal up quickly! Crashing sucks. Seems like that's all I've been doing this year.

Neve_r_est said...

Bruised hands, bruised tailbone, all you've got left to do is figure out how to bruise your feet and you'll be set.



sydney_b said...

Oh, like I'd ever tell. Sheesh. I'll just say that the body count puts Freddy Kruger to shame.

Crashing. I know. I was so sure if I stayed up front I'd be out of it.

Lol. Indeed. Just need to bruise all pressure points to make sure that I have some extreme sensory input at all times. Gah!

Anne said...

Sounds like you've been REAL busy and doing REALLY good! Way to go. Time to stay on the bike and elect when to get off the bike.

Danielle said...

Take care of that tailbone. I bruised mine a few years back and it was pain in the ass (ha ha!)

Good job (as always) racing. Laying on the couch and eating pizza sounds great. I think that I'll be doing that all week :-)

Chris said...

Great job. I have been lucky to not get tangled up at all this season. But you race much more than I do.

LoupGarou said...

You are simply amazing. To pull that out after a crash and still come in first. Congrats on your results and as much as you race, you deserve some much needed rest.

Also, did you like the book? :)

P.S. I like the new kit, definitely better than the old one.

JuneBug said...

Only you could come up from the back and get a five minute lead. Nice racing, Sydney! I hate hearing about crashes but I am glad you and your equipment are ok. You are having a great season.

sydney_b said...

Thanks for the encouragement, you all. It really perks me up.

@Danielle, you had better rest for 2 weeks. I can't imagine how much training stress 24 hours would constitute.

@Kevin, I liked the book a-ok. How was Ragbrai? (Looking forward to reading your account.)

@Amanda, I know. Crash boom bang. They come in streaks and I hope ours is ended.

@Junebug, Are you over your cold yet? How do you seem to stay off the asphalt? Nevermind, don't say. Don't want you to jinx your good fortune.

Veronica said...

I'm proud of you for listening to your body and RELAXING. We neither one are very good at that. It must be age and maturity setting in (drat!).

You know I haven't started the Harry Potter book yet for the exact reason you mention - I need a full uninteruppted day to binge read. Hopefully this weekend.

Keep doing well in the bike racing, but take care of your body as well - you will still need it to work long after racing retirement.