Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tulsa Tough Brady Crit: Manage the matchbook

The Brady crit was 75 minutes long in the mid-afternoon heat. I felt OK the first 55/60 minutes, but then started to fade. The key reason for this was that I had burnt matches to get on wheels of those sprinting for preems for which I had no intention of securing for myself. I should have just stayed with the group if I wasn't going to vie for the prize. Consequently, on the last two laps I was just spent, losing the focus I needed to stay on my target wheels. But, I think I need better this race of keep track of people for the most part, I stayed in the top fourth most of the race, which was another goal, and most importantly feel like I've finally settled into fast cornering. I nearly biffed it the first or second time through the corner at the bottom of the hill, but managed to pull my mind together, remember the positioning, and let go my brakes from then on out. So, progress. It's a learning year and I need to focus on that. The key objective today is to pick good wheels, keep track of them throughout the race, and spend my energy wisely.


Dad said...

Every contest is a learning experience if you're pushing to be the best you can be. Win, lose or draw always take notes of the winners and adapt their skills to yours. Layer by layer you'll become equal in skill and knowledge...after that it's about who really wants to win.

Good job. May today be even better.

sydney_b said...

You're right and I think I've accepted the learning curve now. At first it was frustrating, b/c one just wants to learn it all at once, but the skills have to discovered/learned, put into practice intentionally, and then eventually, it will all come together. I might even put a little note on my bars to remind myself what my race objectives are, so when I get tired, I don't lose my focus.

VeloCC said...

You are one brave woman and a strong fighter. Good job Sydney and thanx for your moral support!