Friday, June 29, 2007

Somebody's Listenin' - Babcook Memorial Stage Race

From Team Kaos's president
and Dave Babcook Memorial Stage Race director Marco Vasquez ...
In an effort to grow the sport of cycling among women in the Midwest, Team Kaos is proud to announce that the prize list for the Women Open stage race has received a substantial boost.

We have a $885 allocated for your category including cash prizes for the top three places in each of the three stages and top seven overall.

The attached Excel spreadsheet has the complete payouts for the stage race.
In the past we reacted negatively to the lack of women attending the races and in turn the attendance became worst. We recognize our mistakes and look to re build the trust and fields that this important category deserves.

Please receive our invitation and take a look at all the amenities we offer all our racers women and men alike.

We hope to see you and your team mates at the 2007 Dave Babcook Memorial Stage Race.

Please pass this on to your fellow women racers.
Ladies, please consider reserving July 28th and 29th for this race and show your support for promoters and teams making an effort grow our divisions.
For more info call 402-680-2928.


bryan said...

I forgot that part of upgrading -- the payout. Cool.

Now, the tricky part (for me): racing well enough to actually be in the money.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Awesome -- happy to see promoters being proactive about growing women's fields rather than punishing racers for small fields.