Friday, June 15, 2007

racing updates #4

Gabcast! racing updates #4


Neve_r_est said...

Syd Vicious of course!


Marc said...

How about DORK
Maybe GEEK
Then there's POCKETS
Last but not least SYDSPINNIN

Your mom

Mrs. B

Dad said...

Names? How about just fetching the cash, and letting others hustle the names? ;-)

Had a banner morning. Did the IHOP turnaround and in the process surely earned some kind of macho mini accolade...when I crossed over Hwy 2 I saw no bikers & when I hit 148 I could see 2 topping the hill at Randall's. Gave me something to aim at and I passed them at 120th St did the turnaround and met them coming up the hill at 94th st on the way back. From 8 weeks ago when I couldn't hold a consistent pedal count and was just resolved to not have to push the durn bike, I figure it's not too bad for an ole fat man. *L*

Anyhow, bow up and kick some backsides today... Your mom can drive home...Remember she is good at that driving as she's had years of practice pulling horses and me sleeping.

Sport said...

I like SydSpinnin
Way to go CB keeping it going you'll be slim and fast in no time. I can see you in the competition already.