Thursday, June 21, 2007

Order of jelly legs coming up

Order of jelly legs coming up
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Intervals for breakfast


Bob Kuhn said...

Don't forget to zero your torque! By the way, just curious, what is your CTL right now?

Chris said...

Nice bar wrap. I am still improving my technique on wrapping bars, so I know nice work when I see it. :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Hey, two hands on the bar at all times! Better safe then sorry.
Let me guess: you keep your camera in a plastic bag in your jersey pocket, am I right?
I do that too!

bryan said...

mmmmm ... jelly legs ...

sydney_b said...

bob: I don't even know. I'll have to check that. I just upload the data and do the workouts my coach posts. I'm picking up on stuff slowly, but right now I've got quite enough to think about racing-wise.

Chris, I'd love to take that compliment but it belongs to Nate Woodman from MWC. Tho he did let me watch and gave me a lesson, but I have yet to try it myself.

oldman, You called that one. I'm a sweater. If it isn't in plastic, it's gonna be wet.

bryan for real. My legs are so tired. They haven't felt like this since the early early season, but I need to kick it up a notch for stuporweek.

Bob Kuhn said...

I am sure your coach is good but if you are feeling beat right now and your target is within 6 weeks you might ask when you will begin to taper--be careful not to get sick. That is, if your CTL is over 70 or so. Also, I suppose your FTP has changed in the last 4-6 weeks with all of the races you have done. But again, your coach probably is monitoring that.

Good luck!

oldmanandhisbike said...

I saw the plastic bag in your photo and it made me laugh, because I posted a picture awhile back that had the damn thing in the frame too.
What? Sweat? No way. Women don't sweat, they glow, right? :^)

sydney_b said...

Actually, Brian, we don't even "glow," we "dew." Men perspire and horses sweat.

bob, not beat in any way except for that feeling of legs worked hard. They'll be ok. Didn't know you were training with power as well.

Marc said...

I do check your data to make sure your torque is zero. Here's the procedure to check if it is zero.

In the setup menu 3 if you enable, say yes(it should be set that way from the factory), then you will be set up on auto torque. Just make sure you coast for about 10 secs during the ride for this to happen(feet unclipped or for safety dont pedal). You know how to coast don't you? and you're not riding a fixie.
To do this make sure that watts are selected, triangle cursed to watts, then hold the select button down. Watts will "flash". If the number reads zero with no pressure on the pedals the value
(torque in inch lbs.) then you're fine. If the torque is >8 ft lbs then you need to set it manually. If it's less then the auto zero function will take care of this. If it does not the unit should
be rezeroed by holding select for 2 seconds. Press select once to return to watts mode. It is a good idea and habit to zero it manually before every ride. I've got so many good and bad habits right now I have a hard time adding one more.

Marc said...

The science and mastery of being an athlete and a coach. We're narrowing this process down to those that make the fewest mistakes "should" win, according to their training. There's a lot more to it than FTP,CTL,ATL,TSB ect.... You have to be smart, experienced at racing also. Then there's you're opponents, the course, the enviroment, mentallity, luck and the lists goes on.

This is a tough athlete.

Bob Kuhn said...

Marc I suppose you are the coach. I did not mean any disrespect. I too train with power and have a coach. I was just curious to Sydney's stats since she had been racing a lot lately. I fully understand the intangibles as well as the measured and It has worked out for me pretty well so far. I wish you success!

Dad said...


If you really want to stay up late nights figuring, throw a couple of animals into the equation as well. That really sets up Murphy's law.

I think that's is one thing that really attracts Sydney to racing...the bike is a constant every day.

Keep up the good work.