Friday, June 22, 2007

Next year, baby, next year.

Nature Valley Grand Prix - Table of contents: "Nature Valley Grand Prix" women's results

*Everybody* went to this. Emails, blogs, phone calls... "are you going to nature valley???... blah blah blah. Women's crit on day one had 114 pro/1/2 women start. Wow. I can't imagine.

The coolest thing is though that as I look through the results I can see women I've met and had a chance to hang out with. Pretty darn cool. Hope to be there and ride with them next year. Find out more about this race on the festival home page.


June Upshaw said...

Its amazing that there is a woman's race like this in America!
It IS cool.

racrmom2 said...

I miss the midwest!!!!

It is awesome to see the sport of bike racing for women growing more and more each year.