Monday, June 11, 2007

Last in everything

but I still got paid.

Yep. You heard right. Last in everything. I raced with the cat 3 men this weekend and the only ones to show up were the two that beat my state TT time and a guy from Minnesota. (That's how it came to be that I was both last and got checks.) Morgan also had a great TT, beating my time by nearly a minute, and I'm thinking that if I want to get good at those, I'm going to have to do more than wrap my helmet in aerodynamic cellophane. I might actually need to practice this TT'ing. So, kudos to Morgan.

The weekend was not without some successes, however. The TT actually went pretty good despite a mechanical putting me on my clincher for the front, a non-working speedometer, and a blown corner. I was able to ramp up to my threshold heart rate and keep it there, which is how I blew the corner on the backside. After turning the corner, I was so focused on getting my HR back up to target that I failed to take the robust tailwind into account and all the sudden I looked up and lo and behold another corner to be made. Too fast! Too fast! Yikes! So, I just rode through, stopped, turned around and got going again in the right direction. Then with about 4 or 5K to go, I took my HR up two more beats and held it to the finish where I crossed the line feeling very much like puking and passing out. And this my friends, is considered a proper and successful TT. I have read that if you sprint at the end, you've held too much back, and I have been told if you don't feel like you need to puke, then you didn't ride it hard enough.

A few hours later, I started the 64 mile road race with the men 1/2/3s. My plan was to hang as long as could, do what little I might for my teammate who won the TT, and finish the race. The 32 mile loop had a long section into the headwind and many formidable hills. I made it through the first loop mostly OK. On the backside, I very nearly fell off and didn't get back on, but I managed to chase back and my teammate, Marc, waited of the end of the pack just enough to give me a little shield from the crosswind to make it back onto the tail. I held there until about a quarter of the way into the second lap. At that point, there was an attack up the hill and I stood to go with them, and what felt like a bajillion electrical currents shot through my legs and then there was nothing but a heretofore unexperienced level of pain and no power. So, I let the small pack go, shifted down and dug in to finish the loop by myself. However, when I topped the hill I saw my teammate Mike had fallen off the end too and I sped up a little to catch him. His legs were blown too and he'd decided to save what he had left for the next day's crit and so waited for me. I caught up and we rode the lap together, making it much more bearable. So, Saturday hurt, big time, but was a success because I found out that I *can* push my legs and my heart a little further than I thought I could before.

Sunday, I was coughing more (stupid cold) and felt so tired that I'd decided to ride as long as I could with the group, but if I felt bad or started coughing, I would just pull off. So, I hung for a few surges and practiced my corners for an hour. There was absolutely no point into stressing my body further, especially since Lumberjack is next weekend. Speaking of which, if I'm still coughing by Thursday, I might not even go to that. Superweek in mid-July is a big priority and I'm NOT showing up there with bronchitis.


mtb05girl said...

Bronchitus sucks and I feel your pain. Get on antibiotics ASAP...they help a ton! Nice work this weekend and good luck next weekend!

gravy said...

I hope next weekend you take your robust tailwind into account.


VeloCC said...

Hey, I was last too:) Only that I rode cat 4 and didn't do the crit because M wanted to go home Saturday.
But for my first road race, I am proud to have done 2 races in one day and to have finished both.

Chris said...

Darn cough. I hope you can get over that soon.

Riding with the men is a great way for women to get faster. I saw the results of the Tulsa race you did last weekend. A few of the high placers there - Jen McRae and Alyson Brandt race with the Pro 1/2 men at our weekly crit in Austin. They are there almost every week and regularly finish in the top 10 and sometimes in the top 5.

I have to say Syd that I am very impressed that you stayed with those women at Tulsa. They are some of the best women riders in Texas. You are the real deal. Fantastic job.

bryan said...

Hey, great job this weekend, Syd. The conditions and course made Saturday tough for everyone, and to gut it out like you did makes you tougher than most. Same for Sunday. Well done, indeed.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Show me the money; that is all that counts, right? :^)
Congrats on your sucess and perseverance; hope you heal up and can ride the Big M-Lumberjack.