Thursday, June 07, 2007


Pistols? Nah. Doesn't hurt long enough.

The Norfolk race is officially more interesting. Mogan Chaffin, aka "Time Trial Queen" is gonna lay it down Saturday to protect her hometown record. However, this year I think I can take that bit of Kaos and knock it into order. What's at stake? Well, a recovery beverage of choice, of course. Care to up the ante?


Jon said...

Well, looks like the article did exactly what it was intended to do! The Norfolk Daily News ran the full-length article here:

I will buy the first beverage for the winner of the match-up at the Wolf's Den in Stanton after the RR.

I know why you are racing in the men's but its too bad you two won't be going head to head.

Those that don't show up for this event are going to miss out. The weather looks to be great and the courses are good.

Remember, Wolf's Den, Stanton.

Jon Downey

(BTW, they are doing 10% off food for racers and free ice cream for the kids. They have some of the best food around.)

bryan said...

Geez, I'm glad there are no races in Algona, Iowa. I don't need that kind of pressure.

Some quotes from either of you would have made that a decent story. But that's a hallmark of small-town papers.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is good thing that this course is in my favor! No hills, all POWER! Syd you better get that helmet taped up well, cause it's on! Your awesome and Im sure you are going to kick butt in the Men's 3 race. I will be rootin' for you there!

sydney_b said...

I was thinking about that flat course, then I thot, no uphills, well, no downhills either. I'm gonna find that special little nook o' pain and love it.

Jon, win or lose, I'll be see'in u at the Wolf's Den.

I love the crit course and am looking forward to the RR route. The TT, well, it's a little flat. ;)

VeloCC said...

Syd, I signed up for Norfolk!!!
See you there!

3p0 said...

good luck

oldmanandhisbike said...

That article is pretty specific; where did they get the information?
Sounds like a "clash of the titans"! WWF on Bikes! :^)
Good luck this weekend, Syd.

LoupGarou said...

After wanting to see this match-up I won't be there to see it. Smoke her Syd. :)

Squirrel said...

Good luck Killer:) I may be doing Crowder if'n yer interested in some northern missouri dirt.


Adrian_O said...

Good Luck to both!

Dad said...

Sounds like we have a couple of challenges building up north...*S*

Should make for good racin'...and when two friends get it on in competition it's great, especially if you're not haulin' together... *L* Sydney, remember how Hagge could trash talk ole men...*L*

Both you gals whip and spur and may the best lady have her day.

Chris said...

Best of luck Syd. You will do great as always I'm sure!