Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend summary: Joe Martin Stage Race


She's doing fine but awfully sore. She hopes to be back on her bike
in a couple of weeks.

My results: Ended up 3rd in the GC. The 3rd place finish in the crit was a disappointment to me, but the gal I needed to beat was an excellent climber and that combined with a lack of smart racing on my part, the steep uphill finish, and a slipped gear 10 ft from the line put me in 3rd. More work on my time trial focus will also help. The 1st and 2nd place finishers did EXCELLENT uphill TTs. Mine wasn't bad, but this is where I lost time on them both. If you'd like to look at the results, please visit the Joe Martin Stage Race results page. Look under women 3/4. Something to note, however, is that all three of us had TT times that fell into the top 21 of the pro/1/2 women. The caveat is that those women had had long road races on Friday and Saturday (60+ miles) and we only did 34 miles on Saturday, so our legs were fresher.

Strangest moment: I was star struck for the first time in my life and rendered speechless upon observing the pro women lined by teams for the TT. They all looked so strong, lean, and powerful that I was both awed and inspired.

Coolest thing: Watching all the women around a big race like this. To see so many of all ages, shapes, and sizes around with their shoulders back, chins up, and a swing in their step was wonderful. They exuded confidence, independence, and strength.

Upgrade to cat 2: Mission accomplished.

Big thanks to Paul Forsythe, Manager Team Kenda Tire, for the pics.
Time Trial start
AnnaJean beating me across the crit finish line

Me leading when I should have been letting someone else work. To get 2nd instead of 3rd, I only had to beat one person and I didn't race smart enough to do that. Race and learn. Race and learn.


LoupGarou said...

Awesome job Syd. Congrats on the upgrade, you deserved it after all the hard work you put out. Also glad to hear that Morgan is doing okay.

Neve_r_est said...

Nice work Sydney :)


VeloCC said...

That''s reason to celebrate:))
Good job Chicka!

Marc said...

You rode your race to win. Being 33 seconds down from first you rode aggressively to try and make that up. You did ride a smart race. A slipped gear in the sprint is a position lost not due to your negligence. As your coach, and being there, I should of known better to check your shifting after the crash on saturday's road race. Racing is a matter of split second decisions along with variables like your bike, enviroment, ect....... I learned something and you learned something and the next time we'll put both of those together for a winning attitude. I coach you according to your personality, AGGRESSIVE! There is no such thing as a perfect race. Just being more perfect than your competitors.

nicol said...

Good job, Sydney! :)

What happened to your right leg? It looks a bit wounded.

Chris said...

Syd - I was looking at the results of Joe Martin yesterday and today. You and the other two girls were the class of that field. It was so darn close. Great job. And awesome on the Cat. 2 upgrade. You are going to be racing Pro soon.

dad said...

Good job, Sydney. Remember, if you place in the top 4 every race they can't starve you least rodeoing..;-) I don't know how deep they pay in your bike race. I think both you and Marc summed it up...speed events are just that speed events, where minute decisions are made on instinct and adrenalin, and if they're a hair wrong you still have to go with them. Had you won easily and learned nothing, you'd have been the worse for the experience. Falling just short and learning lots grew you some more. As Toots used to tell me, "It's pedal to the metal, but don't wreck."

You did good, kid!! We're proud.

Welcome to cat 2. *G*

oldmanandhisbike said...

Great finish Syd. I think an effort worthy of any spot on the podium is huge.
Sorry about your friend's accident and glad to hear that she is going to be okay.
That is a great race photo too!

Junebug said...

Congratulations Syd! WOW that is a GReAT picture! Teeth gritted, leaning into a corner and blood gushing from a scrape. Warrior Woman tough! Pure Grit.

monkeygirl said...

hey congrats on cat 2!

Irish Husker Girl said...

Powerful women rock... I bet the environment was awe inspiring. Phenomenal job Sydney. Cat 2, super cool.