Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been getting a lot of advice.
Been trying to review it and keep it in mind
so when I see *that* spot or *that* corner,
I'll recognize it and remember what I'm supposed to do OR NOT do.
Put on a new chain and a 12/25 cogset. Eric from MWC has got it shifting smooth as silk. Sounds and feels a little different, but plan to get used to it tomorrow during the road race. Then I'll preride the course. I've reviewed the start list and think I know who to watch. Not sure what else I can do to prepare. Everyone says this is such a fun race, but I know what cyclists mean by means it was so hard their brains promptly erased the pain with completion giddiness -- that feeling you get from merely surviving something in one piece. I'll be txt'ing the news. Here's another racer's story.


Danielle said...

Good Luck Sydney!!! I have no doubt that you will kick butt.

Squirrel said...

Crush'um Lady Killer:)


LoupGarou said...

Good luck this weekend Sydney. See you there.

Also, great race story link. That sounds like a great race. Too bad it's this weekend, I think I would love to try that one. Anything to make me ache and approach the edge of yawning in technicolor has got to be something to try at least once.

sydney_b said...

Thanks guys! You've put a smile on my face and courage in my heart. :D

oldmanandhisbike said...

From the link, that sounds like an great race and a pretty amazing "hill" climb; not for the faint of heart.
Can't wait to hear the story.
Have an Awesome Race Syd!

Dad said...

Sydney, I wish you the best as I know that you will suck-it-up and challenge the course. You mom and I pray for you safety even though you know that the rodeo crowd laughs at the wrecks, not because you think them that funny but because you know that in the recesses of your mind that wrecks are a part of the game for those who push the envelope. Get there and get on the course, test it out and when you have few ideas of your own, beware those you borrow...what you do easily in the practice pen is easily duplicated in the heat of competition.

So...take a long rein and a deep seat and charge!!!

Chris said...

I ride a 12-25. I think it is a good all around choice.

bryan said...

You'll fine, Syd. Good luck.

Though it should be said, I was told by an experienced racer to stay away from Snake Alley. You have a year of experience on me, though, so you'll be fine. After the guy warned me, I agreed. Rolling that course with 5s? Yikes.

I barely trust myself, let alone everyone else.