Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rain rain rain

I guess it's a perfect day to
clean house, put up all the ebay items
and watch the Tour de Romandie on


mtb05girl said...

Are you headed to Iowa tomorrow for the mountain bike race??

VeloCC said...

I will, we should introduce each other:) I am a good friend of Sydney.
You can easily spot me. I will bring my dog Whiskers, a Jack Russell Terrier, Christine

Chris said...

Syd - it is raining here too. And I as well am cleaning. I have the ToR set to record on Versus.

I think I will go to the gym tonight and spin. I just hate riding in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Syd if you want I'm MTB racin in IA tomorrow. Crash at my place if you would like tonight.


sydney_b said...

thx for the offer, Ryan, but I'm not going to go race. The Badger is at paint still and I feel like just hanging with my boys and mentally preparing for Joe Martin and the slew of racing after that.

Anonymous said...

No prob Syd. I'm just trying to get races in and keep my current level of insanity down from skool!!!