Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Racing strategy

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling: " Last month’s article featured tips on what NOT to do in a race. I wrote about creating awareness within yourself at all times so that you never make a move without a clear purpose or do a lick of work that isn’t going to take you towards your ultimate goal. This month we’ll have a little more fun and talk about what you CAN do to stir things up while always keeping the team’s goal as your number one priority."


Junebug said...

Hey Syd! I am so lousy at women's racing strategies. I keep losing in the most ridiculous ways. HA!
My boyfriend says I only beat myself in these races. He tells me exactly what I need to do to win but I seem to always forget everything he says and just come up with a new way of my own, only to lose.
I am thinking of writing down his ideas and taping them to my handlebars. I have seen pro women do this at the stage races. For example, someone once had the QOTM mile markers on a cue card and taped this to her bars so she could use her odometer to know when the hills were coming. It makes me realize that at one time she must have missed some points because she either spaced it or made an error. I am not the only one that spaces out!

I can maybe write notes on my fingers.
I am going to be at the next race with INK all up and down my arms because there is just so many things to remember! :)haha

sydney_b said...

hmm. I can see when a hill is coming. :) But i suppose it would be useful to know just how many of size you had left or something.

As far as writing stuff down, well, during the Lincoln Plating Stage Race, the wind was so fierce (40-50 mph gusts) that I wanted to make sure I stayed with the cat 4 men who were mostly likely to be strng in the road race, so I checked their TT results and wrote their numbers on the inside of my wrist. This let me keep track of them in the race and stay in position to benefit. So, in short, I'm all for writing stuff down. Heck, think of 'em as extremely useful temp. tats.

I find it's frightfully easy to forget my plan when the excitement of the race hits, but I'm making progress on this count by developing the habit of constantly questioning why I'm in a particular position and comparing that with my objectives. Over time I expect this will improve my racing a lot. Goin' to IA over memorial weekend?

Junebug said...

yes. I am going to be at the Iowa races.

I really enjoy your blog by the way. Its very cheerful.

I still dont understand the lines crossing thing.
hmmm. I am probably not reading enough 'bout stuff like that and am spending too much time chatting and shopping! haha.