Friday, May 11, 2007

Off to Joe Martin...

We're outta here this afternoon.
Legs are feelin' good.

Sat 10:35a Road Race
Sat after 2p 2.5 uphill Time Trial
Sun 8:05a Criterium

As of this morning, there are 21 women registered for the 3/4 race, which means the field qualifies as an upgrade race, but the distance doesn't (34 vs. the required 40). I don't know how they handle that. I think the regional director for one's area has some discretion though. I hope that 's the way it works out. It would sure suck if all these women come from all over looking for a race with enough registrants only to find that the race organizers were too time conscious to give the extra 6 miles on the RR for qualification.


Junebug said...

Good Luck Syd!

I am going to start my blog soon.
I joined the twitter thing. JuneBugRacr is my twitter name.
I looked up your blog to see how yours looks and HEY! You are doing JOE! wow cool. :)

My money is on you to win!! I know you can!
Good Luck! Have fun!

June ( the woman with the spider socks)

LoupGarou said...

Good Luck!

sydney_b said...

Junebug! So glad you stopped by. I was wishing I'd have got your contact info in IA. You gonna be there? Oh, and do know if *anyone* took pics of the women's crit race?

loupgaru, thx! It's gonna be fun. There'll be some fast chix there I'm sure, that'll make for some good racin'

Chris said...

Good luck Syd! I am looking forward to reading your reports.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Go Syd Go! Have a great race(s) this weekend.

VeloCC said...

Go and put some rubber down Syd. Tear it up!!!
And have fun!!!!!!

Neve_r_est said...

Good luck at the race. Rubber side down.

Watch for troopers, it is a holiday weekend. Happy mothers day.


bryan said...

Stay smart. Stay safe. Good luck.