Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Got schooled in the Quad City Crits and I'm finally ready to stop being mad at myself and instead study the lessons and move on to apply them in the next go.
  1. Be patient. I don't have teammates and should let the teams battle it out a bit before I burn any matches.
  2. Attack from the back.
  3. NEVER broadcast an attack. DOH.
  4. Choose a small enough gear in which I can really spin to speed when the time comes to move up
  5. Always keep track of where the key players are in the field.
  6. NEVER lose sight of the key corner and what needs to be done there. (Rock Island 2nd to last corner)
  7. Slow down and be fast. Tis better to look down and ensure I have my pedal than to miss it in haste.
  8. Picking lines on corners before the race helps when things get dicey.
  9. Sprint, girl, sprint. Got some watts, get in the top 5 and put them out, dangit.
Am I gonna go back? Heck, yeah. Gonna go back and do them right next year.


LoupGarou said...

I love reading your pointers. They are very imformative. Hopefully when I get better I can apply them. :)

On your point about broadcasting an attack. What did you do to broadcast? What's a good way to sneak an attack?

sydney_b said...

I attacked from the front few riders which allowed everyone who was paying attention (the fastest ones) to see me begin to go and speed up accordingly to catch my wheel. It is much better to slide towards the back, wait for a slow down in the pace, then whip it up and attack from where your primary opponents can't directly observe you coming. This may get you a few micro seconds to get further away before they rev up their momentum again and decide to come after you. Ideally, I think an attack like this should happen after an attack or series of attacks by the best represented teams so they're a bit worn out.

But, I'm obviously no expert. Hopefully someone else who stops by here can further enlighten us.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Didn't you just "broadcast" your future attack strategy?
All your foes are reading this blog to find out where you will be and when you will go now! :^)
Glad to see that you escaped this one without injury.
That "snake" looked scary!

gravy said...

I would broadcast my attack from the very beginning. And then keep announcing it every few minutes.

"Okay, here I go! I mean it this time. I'm really going... Okay, THIS time I mean it..."

After everyone gets tired of my false announcement, I'd attack for realz.

sydney_b said...

you know, gravy, "crying wolf" is another one that's been written up. Attack - kinda - appear too weak a few times, then when the field starts to ignore your efforts, hit it.

Other routinely advised attacks are those in hard spots where people are hurting, hills, into the wind, etc. But what they never mention is that you're probably hurting too. Sigh.

And oldman, I suppose you're right. Guess I'll have to choose something else from the sneaky roadie arsenal. like .... hmmmmm. (right, like I'm gonna say...) :D

nicol said...

Great black and white picture!

You have a great attitude and it's cool to hear what you've learned with your experiences. :)

sda said...

if you attack from the back you'll be at full gas as you hit the front. those in the front will really have to lay it down to get on your wheel.

a couple of those and you'll kill 'em.

nice job there though. but if you really want to "go to school" get yourself up to Superweek in July ....

Marc said...

Exactly on the pointers. Also, attack into a corner. MOMENTUM. Always!

Blogs are good and not so good. Every experienced bike racer knows these tactics. Every moment in a crit can not be covered by your opponent.

sydney_b said...

sda, that's exactly where I'm goin'

Chris said...

Picking lines in the corners is huge. The Thursday night Crit in Austin is all corners. The Pros take a completely different route than us Cat. 5 hacks. I am going to walk to the corners and watch them next time I am there.

Doris Day was smokin' BTW. Good choice :)

Carrie said...

Hey Syd,
You rocked this weekend. You have grit and that is what it takes. Pair that with the desire to learn and a sharp/keen sense and you will be kickin' everyones ars. There are ladies who have been racing for years that still don't get what you just learned. Kuddos girl..keep it real and lets kick some Tulsa Tush!!!

sydney_b said...

o Carrie! Thx for stopping by the blog. It was a blast getting to meet team revolution. That Mindy sure can sprint. I was telling some friends of mine this morning about it. :)

Yeah, Tulsa! Did you see how many riders Mercy is fielding?!

Junebug said...

Schooling story::((I hope you dont mind, Syd?))

Snake Alley was won on the downhill in that rain. It was too slippery on the climb to really use it to get away. You had to advance by out- cornering the other women.
I was in third spot from lap 3 , alone, but trying to catch the two in front of me. Every advance I did on the climb I would lose twice over on the decent because the two in front of me were excellent at downhill cornering.
After that rain came, when the sky just opened up, the corners got so waterlogged. At lap 9, the chase group caught me. I really saw why after I started to ride in the chase group. THey were corning very well,... all of them. I had white knuckles and no guts.
No one even saw Grabowski get away! She hung in the back of the chase group and took off after the climb on the 2nd to last lap. CW saw her and said that no one could match the speed Grabowski was corning on the wet pavement. She went for broke. Took third. No one saw her go.
sneaky woman.
THAT is a nice attack, huh? Be invisible. Grab the corner like you own it. Guts and Glory.
sweet jaysus.!

Cornbread said...

Good lessons Syd. I commend you on your attitude.

sydney_b said...

Thanks for the info, Junebug. I wondered what all happened up there. Those corners were scary. I've been trying to practice being more aggressive b/c they're key on this crit stuff.

Hope you're coming to Tulsa. U doing superweek?