Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just in case you thought I fogot ... Tour de l'Aude

On the second to last stage, American and former University of Nebraska runner, Amber Neben sets the stage for a Flex Point tour victory and an overall 5th page finish in the GC.
Tour de l'Aude - Stage 8b (second to last): "'Amber Neben opened the course for us,' explained Team Flexpoint manager Jean-Paul Poppel. 'She knew a gap to hit, but after the descent she totally sacrificed herself for Susanne Ljungskog, when she heard that Arndt could no longer follow. She let the German riders Worrack and Haussler pass, waited a full minute for Ljungskog. A beautiful example of team tactics.'"


oldmanandhisbike said...

5th is nothing to complain about. She moved up the GC consistantly during the course of the Tour. Pretty cool to see a local competitive on the world stage I'll bet.
Now, when will this be shown on VS. again? I just want to make sure my DVR is set! :^(

sydney_b said...

yeah. no complaints I'm sure. I did love following someone with some local touch point. I would love to watch portions of the race, but the write-ups were interesting. I guess they're on to Monetreal next, so I'll be following that with whatever means the 'net provides me. :)