Thursday, May 10, 2007

Early birds

This morning I heard an awful sound.
Couldn't figure out what it was. Well, for a moment, that is.
Turns out it was my alarm. Usually don't use one of these, but got to bed
a little late and didn't want to miss the first "Early Bird" ride.

Met Janna, Jen, and Kim at the iHop for a lovely ride out to the Bennet corner. Hwy 2 isn't my favorite, but it's worth it just to see the sunrise. I did this a lot last year and it was about 3x as much fun sharing it with friends.

Jen is only on her 2nd or 3rd time out on her new road bike and she got a flat. Janna taught her how to change it and pretty soon the four of us were cruising down the road again. 'Twas funny tho, it's so rare to see a group of roadie women that a couple of guys who habitually do this route appeared to do a double take. They caught up and passed us after the flat though.

Great way to start the day. 5:45am at the iHop. Lemme know if I should watch for you next Thursday. :)


oldmanandhisbike said...

I never get to go to iHop on my rides. You can count me in next Thursday.
Of course, if I'm not there by 6, start without me!

Chris said...

That is an early ride. Is it still dark? Are you all reflectored up?

4cyclin said...

So, you saw the double take...

Yes, we were a little surprised to see another rider that early, let alone four women cyclist. The double take was to confirm who I thought it was...and I was right!

We liking seeing other riders, it's inspiring!

We'll see you soon...without the double take...maybe. :-)

VeloCC said...

let's see to be there at 6, I would have to leave at 5 and get up at o-dark-thirty...sorry, but I think I pass.

sydney_b said...

hey 4cyclin, no problemo with the double-take... we know how rare we are. :)

Twas good to see other out. It always inspires me too. I think it also encourages folks who might not have done it before to get out there and give it a go.

Thx for stoppin by the blog. Don't be a stranger.

bryan said...

I'd only have to leave by 4:30. Hell, I could just stay up after work. Maybe before the end of the summer ...

monkeygirl said...

hmmm, well I am pretty weak right now, but i will use it as a goal, I will let you know when to look for me.