Thursday, May 17, 2007

Early Bird Ride

Nothing quite as fun as
getting a flat in the dark
on the way to a ride and having to change it
with cold skinned up hands. I confess I had some malice in my heart for beer bottle tossers. But, after texting my predicament to a fellow Early Bird, I got it changed and was back on my way. Upon seeing Janna, Jen and Nicole waiting for me at the iHop, I cheered back up. Better yet, shortly after we headed out, who should we see but my mom and dad coming down the road at a good clip. They turned around and rode with us back out to the Bennet corner. Gonna have to watch those two, every time I ride with them I notice they're going further and getting faster. :)

If you don't think a 5:45 am ride is for you, consider giving it a try. You might like it and the company is great!


3p0 said...

early bird is the way to go..

once we get into june, july and aug, and the 7am temp is already at 85 I love gettin up and hittin a lap in wilderness, and then humping it all the way across town to work, nothing quite like the fealing of pulling into work with 35 miles under your belt and 20 of it single track... now, if only the park would dry out..

4cyclin said...

Syd, I wondered why your group was running late this morning and who the two newbie's it makes sense.

Just imagine what it must have been like before blog sites!! How did they do it?