Sunday, April 15, 2007

too tired to post last nite

Did 70 with team mates yesterday. We started with a good sized group and had dwindled to 5 by the time we decided to celebrate the Paris Roubaix and go as fast as we could down the Mopac to Elmwood on our road bikes. At some point, we lost one more, and then there were 4 wore out roadies flying down the trail towards washouts, sticks, and a couple of really big holes. Cost me one flat. Should have had my Bontrager hard cases on. The Roubaix was further honored with a fast rotation home via the Hwy 34 shoulder with all of its crunched up asphalt, bumps, cracks, etc. By this time, my legs were pretty blown and I stayed out of the rotation and just tried to hold on to Troy, Marc, and Kevin. Finally made it home and my legs are still feeling it but I expect they'll be OK by race time today.

Goin' MTB racing in Council Bluffs. Being as it's been awfully wet in Kansas, this is the only game in town and the turnout oughta be pretty good, at least for the men's fields. Looking forward to it. Manawa is a flat, fast, twisty fun trail. The other two times I've ridden it, I've used a singlespeed cross bike. Gonna run the badger today tho.


Chris said...

Syd - sounds like a blast. I have my DVR set for 4pm to record Paris-Roubaix. I can't wait :)

sydney_b said... -- watched it live this morning. :) Very exciting race. Feelin' inspired.

Marc said... is banned from now on for me. I can't get my rides in. I can't figure out if I'm a bike racer or a spectator this time of the year:)

The only safe time is after 10p. I've fallen asleep many a times to the tranquil sound of scottish broadcasters.

oldmanandhisbike said...

P-R was great. Good to see Stuart O'Grady win a classic so convincingly. He goes out on breaks quite often and is usually caught just before the end, but he timed it perfect this race. No real bad crashes, maybe a couple on Forest pave' but not the demolition derbies of past years. The weather was just too nice!
And no Hincapie this year; he must be disappointed not to have been there, but hopefully he will be ready for TofGeorgia.

gravy said...

I went to Elmwood yesterday and on the way out those ruts out by 250th caught me be surprise. Heading back you could see to ride to the north of the path get by. But heading out on the southside, I hit the ruts hard.

How'd the kids club thing go?