Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic

Wow. What a weekend of racing. Twas brutal, but I came away with the GC win and really had a great time despite the weather, because the people rock. I mean, it takes a little something extra in the spirit to go race your bike in 30+ mph winds.

The Time Trial
The women's open was supposed to go off at 9:26. The officials forgot us so we didn't get started till 10:30. This worked out OK for me because my heart rate monitor quit working and I had enough time to get the new one on and get it tracking before the start. The bad part about the race was that I got stuck being the rabbit and by the end Morgan Chaffin and put 21 seconds on me. I think I'm going to spring for one of those fancy helmets. I could feel the wind grabbing at my head. I should have at least taped it up.

The Road Race
The winds were ferocious with gusts clocking 40-50 mph. Consequently, the collegiate racers took a lot longer than planned and the race got way off schedule which led to the reduction of several races. The women's open and men's cat 4 was changed to 39 miles/3 laps. I made up the lost TT time though and had 9 minutes on Morgan by the end of it which took the pressure off for Sunday's circuit race.

The Circuit Race
The women's cat 4 was merged with the women's open and the time was set to 30 minutes. Typically, women's open does 45 minutes. The race went well and I took the preem and Jen Herrell took the win with her power hill climb on the finish.

The women's racing was pretty darn cool this weekend as we had more than we'd seen around here for a long time.
  • We had 7 women in the cat 4! Twas amazin' with two whose first race was this weekend and they still want to race again, if you can believe that!
  • I met another gal at the U, Megan, who is planning on doing several races this year.
  • I met Cheryl Gerkin for the first time after seeing her name on the Ciao Baby club site and wondering who she was
  • Kelly and another Megan did their first races
  • Lindsey from Omaha rocked the 4s and Janna Vavra did a fine job too with TeamFIRE


mtb05girl said...

Hey Sydney-
I'm still in Iowa, unfortunantly. Will be until the end of July. Sounds like you're kicking some butt! Heading to Iowa anytime soon? Take care!

VeloCC said...

Congrats Sydney!!

I am trying to get Sydney to ride a race on May 6th at Waverly, IA with me....

Danielle said...

Awesome job Sydney!

Neve_r_est said...

Ya, that wind blew. Nice work.

The Decorah mtb TT is next weekend. You could come up, do the TT, hang out and cheer the poor TransIA suckers in at the finish.


Adrian_O said...

Wind? What wind? Good Job!

Chris said...

Syd - to pick up 9 minutes in 39 miles, you must have really just floored it. Awesome job!

Dad said...

Good job, Sydney, and all you bikers. That wind was really challenging as we helped with water at the dam. Had to keep the chairs loaded with water else they blew away. Just staying the course was a real accomplishment it seems to me.

And you're right, the day grew long for one not into waiting...*G*. It reminded me of showing horses for long before the roping? cutting? REALLY! Mercy... *L* Methinks rodeo has got the right agenda...pull in, get in on...pull out and down the road to the next one. Maybe I am a poor spectator, eh?

Megan said...

You rocked this weekend Sidney (leading the charge with the guys up that hill after the damn was impressive)! Thanks for inspiring me to do my first race!


bryan said...

congrats, Syd. Great weekend.

sydney_b said...

Thank u all for your kind words.

Amanda, I'm thinking to go to Iowa City for the RR and Crit. U headed there?

Megan, hope you can come out Thursday evening again. I was so impressed you came out given the conditions. Definitely an introduction by fire. You should be pretty pleased with yourself.

Dennis, tempting, but I think I'm gonna keep spinnin the skinny tires for a spell. The Badger is off to paint.

Adrian, your teamFIRE had a really good showing. You're quite the organizer and I can't wait till you coordinate the 'families' for downtown crits around here. ... lol

and Dad, thx for all the competitive training. Wouldn't trade my upbringing for full carbon anything. :D

oldmanandhisbike said...

Great racing; sounds like another awesome performance.

mtb05girl said...

I'll definitely be at the crit. Might not be at the RR though...have to work. Who knows, I might just get sick on Saturday though haha. Maybe we will see you on Sunday then!

Sweet Cheeks said...

the officials forgot you? huh?

awesome on your performance! keep having fun!