Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally, some sun...

Last night I was feeling poorly and the weather wasn't helping.
Cold, windy, and rainy. Someday I AM going to live someplace warm.
And, for the record, if anyone hears me bitch about the heat when it finally gets here, slap me.

Tonight, I'm doing "easy thursday," which is a high-cadence, slow mph, no drop, all welcome to practice their pack riding, kinda ride. So, if you get dropped on other rides or just want to try this road riding thing out, this is the place to be. 5:30 at 'the bench' - 27th & Hwy 2.

This weekend will find me in Iowa City for the Road Race Saturday and the crit on Sunday. Word is there will be larger women's fields, so it's a good opportunity to perhaps get points towards cat'ting up.


3p0 said...

NOOOO, i was hoping I was gonna get to see you and Rob at Perry Lake this weekend...

oh well.

good luck on the road.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I hear its going to be hot there today; be prepared! :^)